2008 NFL Season Preview: Predicted Standings and Super Bowl Winner

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst ISeptember 6, 2008

I'm not going to go extensively into each team because I'll be previewing EVERY team and won't be dividing it up into separate articles.  In the words of the Joker, "And here...we...GO!"


New England...Sometimes early losses can be good, just ask the Giants

Jets...Every two years they qualify for the playoffs.  With Favre, it'll be a definite

Buffalo...Oh Canada

Miami...Don't need to do much to improve.  Expect 5 or 6 wins.


Cleveland...I'm a little skeptical, but I don't really like this division's competition.

Pittsburgh...Lost a lot of games to teams lesser than them last season.

Cincinatti...Have the talent to win it, but have the drama to cancel it out.

Baltimore...Hello number one pick 2009.


Indianapolis...If they're healthy, it'll be another Manning Super Bowl victory.

Houston...Just a feeling.  A little skeptical of this myself, but I gotta' go with my heart.

Jacksonville...Has been a staple of inconsistency under Del Rio.  Still could be dangerous.

Tennessee...Still don't know how they made the playoffs last season.


San Diego...Merriman's health scare could hurt a Super Bowl but not a division title.

Oakland...Only because division is getting weaker.

Denver...Jay Cutler, get your resume ready.

Kansas City...Could be higher if L.J. bounces back from disappointing season.


Dallas...Class of the NFC.

Philadelphia...Finished strong and will continue strong.

Giants...Have never made the playoffs the year after a Super Bowl appearance.

Washington...When you have to promote your offensive coordinator to head coach because the owner can't find anyone who wants to work for him, you've got trouble.


Minnesota...If Jackson finds form, will be dangerous.

Green Bay...Rodgers will play fine, but he is still a first year starter.

Detroit...How has Matt Millen kept his job?  He must have some incriminating photos of Lions ownership.

Chicago...Unfortunately, every play can't be a punt to Devin Hester.


New Orleans...Will the real Saints team please stand up?

Carolina...If Delhomme returns to form, could surprise.

Tampa Bay...No defending title champ has even finished .500 the next year.

Atlanta...Good offseason moves could make them contenders...for the future.


Seattle...Holmgren's last season.  Don't expect any change.

Arizona...Warner is the right choice and will prove it.

St. Louis...Better than just 3 wins, but not much.

San Francisco...Only question is who gets dumped first, the coach or the quarterback?

AFC WILD CARDS: Jets, Houston

NFC WILD CARDS: Philadelphia, Arizona

AFC CHAMPIONSHIP: Indianapolis over San Diego

NFC CHAMPIONSHIP: Dallas over Seattle

SUPER BOWL XLIII: Rematch of Super Bowl V, Indy over Dallas.



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