From First to Worst for New York

TJ BuzzeoCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2008

1)      Dallas Cowboys

I’ll be honest I have no idea who is going to win this division.  Looking at that division I do not see a clear winner and am not sold on the Cowboys chemistry.  On paper this team can contend with anybody.  They have a great high powered offense that can do it all.  Marion Barber III emerged as on of the best running backs in the league last season knocking Julius Jones off the team.  Tony Romo is very athletic and can make a play happen at anytime and he is helped out a great deal by a good core of receivers led by Terrell Owens and tight- end Jason Witten.  The defense may be just ass impressive with DeMarcus Ware and four very good defensive backs with Terrance Newman, Anthony Henry, Roy Williams and Ken Hamilin.  Not to mention the additions of veteran superstar Zach Thomas, the re-instated Adam “(No Longer) Pacman” Jones, and the finally healthy Terry Glenn.

The only negatives with the Cowboys are the players themselves.  Tony Romo is 0-2 in the postseason and in both games he almost single handily lost both games for the Cowboys, not to mention his love life has been more talked about than the way he plays.  T.O. has been too happy in Dallas that he has to be ready to blow.  Several of the defensive backs have had off the field issues in the past (headlined by Jones).  Shall we not forget similarly to George Steinbrenner and Mark Cuban, Jerry Jones is not one to be left in the background with any thing that happens with his team.  All that being said they may just be to talented to beat on the field, no matter what is taking place off of it.

Final Record: 12-4

2)      Washington Redskins

Almost every season the Redskins put together a very talented team and on any given week they can beat anybody.  However, they also have a tendency to under perform several weeks a year and lose more than they should.  Outside of the quarterback position I would put their offense against anybodies in the league.  Yes, anybodies Patriots, Cowboys, Colts, whomever.  They have a veteran core on defense that will keep them in most games and possibly win them a few. 

The biggest question marks are relatively obvious at this point in the season.  How is rookie head coach Jim Zorn going to do?  Can Jason Campbell kick it up a notch and become a more efficient player?  Lastly, can Jason Taylor stay healthy?  If the latter’s answer is yes we should be in for a treat because Taylor will be rejuvenated and opposing quarterbacks should be running scared.

Final Record: 9-7

3)      Philadelphia Eagles

Like many other people just when you are ready to count out Donavon McNabb and do not give the Eagles a shot at winning, he conveniently has an interview on ESPN and his charisma makes you want him to do good.  Fact of the matter is they are not that good, but still have the reputation for being a hard hitting, winning team. 

The addition of Assante Samuel will help, but I don’t think it matters.  The only question is McNabb’s health.  If he can stay on the field they can contend, however if not and Kolb gets in there and does well, it will do more bad than good.

Final Record: 9-7

4)      New York Giants

I never thought I would say that Eli Manning would be a plus on the team and the team would not be as good.  They lost several key players including Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyora.  Without the two of them Justin Tuck will not be as effective without the two of them in the lineup.  There veteran players are getting too old (i.e. R.W. McQuarters, Sam Madison, Amani Toomer, etc.) and some of there young players are underachieving (i.e. Mario Manningham).

I am predicting this to be Tom Coughlin’s last season whether he gets fired or retires.

Final Record: 6-10