New Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett Must Follow this Blueprint

Jack WindhamAnalyst INovember 8, 2010

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett
Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason GarrettRonald Martinez/Getty Images

Jason Garrett has just taken over as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

There was a time when that would have caused excitement for Cowboys fans. Back then, Garrett was the hot shot young assistant who was destined to become a head coach. Team owner Jerry Jones believed it as well, which is why he decided to invest $3 million a year into Garrett. Nowadays, though, the fans are going to be indifferent to the promotion since his offense has struggled and his play calling has come under fire.

But it's not entirely impossible for Garrett to succeed in his new role.

Garrett needs to learn how to delegate and rely on people with more experience than he has. The former quarterback has to put aside his desire to prove that he's an offensive genius and focus more on being the guy in charge. That's the big difference between being an assistant coach and being a head coach.

The following coaches need to be promoted.


Ray Sherman

Sherman needs to be promoted to offensive coordinator. He's a veteran that has experience as an offensive coordinator (New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings) and assistant head coach (Atlanta Falcons). Garrett may have a hard time giving up the offense, but a new voice and direction might not necessarily be a bad thing right now.


Paul Pasqualoni

Pasqualoni needs to be promoted to assistant head coach. Having served as the head coach at Syracuse University, he has the experience that Garrett can lean on. He's also a fiery leader who will call out players and hold them accountable for mistakes.


Dave Campo

Campo needs to be promoted to defensive coordinator. Sure, he's ill suited to be a head coach. Cowboys fans should already know that. However, he's effective as a positions coach and a defensive coordinator. Wade Phillips handled the duties of a defensive coordinator, so someone has to be elevated. 

Most fans undervalue assistant coaches, but they could make or break a head coach's chance at success.