Designing The Perfect Quarterback

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IAugust 22, 2008

So, if you had the opportunity to build a prototype quarterback by combining the

greatest attributes of the best in the NFL, whose skills would you use? Here are my picks:

1)     Arm Accuracy: Kurt Warner

This may come as a surprise to many casual football fans but there may not be a more accurate quarterback in the entire National Football League than Kurt Warner. Kurt’s career completion percentage is one of the top three of all time and he continues to make precision passes even in his later years.

2)     Arm Strength: JaMarcus Russell

Even though he is entering his first full year as a starting quarterback, Russell already has established his arm as being one of the strongest in NFL history. During his rookie scouting combine, Jamarcus launched a ball 80 yards down the football field; a distance that may be an all-time record. Simply stated, no one has a stronger arm than Russell.

3)     Speed: Michael Vick

He may be locked up at the moment but I felt I should still acknowledge Mr. Vick in my analysis. Regardless of what you think about his character, Michael still has a 4.3 40-yard dash speed, which makes him the fastest quarterback in history by far. In addition, Michael already holds the record for the most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season.

4)     On-Field Intelligence: Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is one of the most intelligent field generals in the history of football. On a regular basis, Peyton walks up to the line of scrimmage, reads the defense, changes the play to take advantage of the defense’s weaknesses and then he tears them apart.

5)     Pocket Presence: Tom Brady

I don’t particularly like Brady, at all. However, I must say that he has the greatest pocket presence I have ever seen. When under pressure, rather than scrambling out of the pocket and aborting the play, Tom feels out the rush and moves about 2 steps either forward or backward in order to make the defenders miss, all while looking downfield. It is this very quality that contributes to Tom Brady’s prolific on-field achievements.

6)     Heart/Leadership: Brett Farve

There may have never been another football player in history to play with the heart of Brett Farve. Brett leaves everything he has on the field and thereby earns the respect of the men that he goes to battle with. When he speaks, people listen. Period.

7)     Body: Vince Young

At 6’5, 233 pounds, Vince Young has the ideal body for an NFL quarterback. He has the height to easily see over his offensive line and get a clear view of the field, the build to withstand punishing blows from defensive linemen and a frame that distributes his body weight in a manner that still allows Vince to maximize his upper tier speed.

8)     Clutch: Eli Manning

I have a feeling that some people may argue this one but I truly believe that Eli Manning is the most clutch quarterback in the NFL today. Ever since his rookie year, Eli Manning has shown the ability to win in the final two minutes of a game. He is calm as a cucumber under pressure and he runs the 2-minute offense as well as anyone in the game. The world may have caught a glimpse at Eli’s abilities in last year’s miraculous post-season run but as a Giants fan, it is that ability to remain calm in dire situations that I have seen since day 1.