WWE Bragging Rights: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett—CAUTION: STRONG OPINIONS

Maria CaneCorrespondent IIIOctober 25, 2010

Credit to randy-orton.com
Credit to randy-orton.com

"So that we make one thing perfectly clear, if I don't win this match, you're fired."-Wade Barrett

Read that statement twice. It may seem obvious. Of course Wade Barrett is going to can Cena if he doesn't win the title, right?

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett was the final showdown to cap last night's WWE Bragging Rights PPV. Suspense was added to the matchup when, earlier, David Otunga and John Cena (mostly Cena though) captured the tag team titles right before Cena sent Otunga flying with an Attitude Adjustment. Nexus later on attacked Taker and cost him his title shot against Kane in the Buried Alive match.

Calculatingly pacing to the ring, throughout the whole match, Orton was keeping his eye on Cena, who donned his extreme Droopy face. Throughout the match, Barrett would attempt to isolate Orton on the outside while barking orders and words of intimidation at John Cena. With all this attention being paid to Cena, it's not surprising that the actual wrestling in this match was not very elaborate. Rest holds here and there. I would say Cena vs. Barrett was far superior in ring wise.

Let's fast forward, shall we? During a point in the match, the ref is knocked out and Barrett orders Cena to attack Orton. Before Cena could reluctantly get his shot, Nexus quickly interferes. Similar to last Monday's Raw, they gang up on Orton. Suddenly, Cena fights them off, yelling at Barrett that he could get DQ'd.

Barrett adds more bark to Cena's dog. Cena then Attitude Adjusts Wade Barrett, and the match ends. Even though Cena helped Orton retain his retail. Orton RKOs both Barrett and Cena and poses for the crowd with his title.

Wade Barrett def. Randy Orton via DQ.

Ok wait, what?!

Now I know what you are saying right now. "WTF?! BUT IF BARRETT DIDN'T WIN THE TITLE, CENA WOULD BE FIRED!"

Rewind back to the beginning of this piece.

"So that we make one thing perfectly clear, if I don't win this match, you're fired."

Are we clear now?

In other words, the WWE creative team have sprouted their magic creativity jizz once again in finding a loophole out of a tough spot. Handing us, in the words of Bill Cosby, our "steak, mash potatoes and mushrooms on top of a trash can lid."

Sooner or later I had a feeling that the writers weren't gonna be able to contain themselves much longer. From the beginning, I've had this feeling that they would pull something like this right out of their asses. And now they did.

For one, it's obvious that they must have realized in the midst of all this Barrett/Cena talk, Orton, as champion, was getting lost in the midst. Last night was supposed to qualify as making up for the loss of champion airtime. Both Barrett and Cena were RKO'd, leaving Orton the last one standing and posing with the title. If the writing team were smart (they aren't), this would now be the time to capitalize on Orton's role in this Nexus plot. Repeating what I stated in my prediction article, Orton desperately needs a Vince to his Austin, and Barrett in particular may be the perfect match.

Two, the picture is starting to gradually paint itself, and a heel Cena isn't in the portrait anytime soon. Contrary to what I've been reading by everyone else, there has been absolutely no signs of Cena turning heel. Those people must not be viewing the same WWE programming. All I'm seeing is Cena slowly finding a way to get himself out of this Nexus predicament.

If a Cena heel turn is truly supposed to be happening, now is the time to start hinting at making it happen. And having John Cena pretty basically hold the titles on his own and AAing David Otunga isn't doing it. Neither is Cena recognizing a loophole and finding a way to take his frustrations out on Nexus while doing what he is told is gonna do it.

This storyline is starting to shape up as another quintessential Cena "OVERCOMING THE ODDS!" per say storyline. The more he is embarrassed, the more he will tease at finally rebelling against his foes. If last night is any indication of what is to come in this storyline, Cena naysayers are probably not gonna be happy with the final outcome when Wrestlemania time comes.  

At this point, what still shows a glimmer of Cena heel turn hope is the Nexus attacking Undertaker in his match against Kane. Rumors have been swirling already that the writers are pushing for Cena vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27. But even then, I still don't think it's a lock that Cena will turn heel. Again, I think Nexus's lifeline is becoming shorter by the minute, with or without Cena. These past few weeks have given hint to dissention with David Otunga.

Quite frankly, there may not even be a group for Cena to turn heel with.

We'll have to wait and see what's next. But the writing is starting to be put all over the wall, and the IWC isn't going to be pleased with what they read.

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