The Redskins and The NFL Mourne Yet Again

Craig Garrison SrSenior Analyst IAugust 21, 2008

This is just a small note to Joe Bugel. My prayers and thoughts are with you Buges.

Longtime offensive line coach for the Washington Redskins, Joe Bugel's daughter, Holly Bugel, passed away this morning of bone cancer. There have been varying reports of what type of bone cancer Holly Bugel, only 36 years old and one of three daughters, was diagnosed with close to three years ago.

According the Washington Post's Mike Wise, it was osteosarcoma, but also a very rare strain of the cancer, according to the Bugel family, "the strain Holly is infected with is so rare, just five cases had been diagnosed last year, the Bugels said".

From Wise's article: "It's a strong one," Brenda said. "We do need to sit down with the doctor and ask about the future. At some point, you run out of options and can't treat it anymore. But right now, we're fighting it with all we got."

Brenda is Joe's wife of nearly 40 years, and my heart goes out to the entire Bugel family, along with his extended Redskins family.

I am also sending out my thoughts and prayers to another football family, today we also learned of the sudden death of NFLPA Executive Director Gene Upshaw. A Hall of Fame offensive linemen with the Oakland Raiders, and later elected the head of the NFL Players Union, Upshaw was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer only this past Sunday after he became ill and was taken to the hospital by his wife, Terri, according to NFLPA President and Tennessee Titans center Kevin Mawae in a statement to the Associated Press.

Terri and their three sons, Eugene Jr., Justin and Daniel, were reportedly with him when he passed at his home Wednesday night.

Another emotional day for the NFL, and the Redskins. Death, it seems, just doesn't wait for football.