Kansas City Chiefs Preview: Everyone Hates the Term "Rebuilding Year"

Sean CroweSenior Writer IAugust 20, 2008

It wasn’t that long ago that the Chiefs were playing the Colts tough in the playoffs.

Remember Ty Law keeping them in the game with those big interceptions? If they could have done anything on offense, they would have beaten the eventual Super Bowl champions.

But that was then. This, unfortunately, is now.

The Chiefs are trying hard to become one of the youngest teams in the NFL.

In an effort to start anew, they’ve said goodbye to their best player in Jared Allen—turning him into draft picks. Other players departing Kansas City this offseason included Kendrell Bell, Eddie Kennison, and Ty Law, among others.

They’ve replaced them with draft picks. Many, many draft picks.

And they did a fantastic job of doing it.

Instead of going quantity over quality (as most teams with 12 draft picks end up doing), they were able to achieve both.

Glenn Dorsey was the best player in the draft. Getting him where they did was a coup.

Branden Albert might have been the best all-around offensive lineman in the draft.

Brandon Flowers was a tremendous second round pick. Many “experts” thought Flowers would go in the first round. He's already their best cornerback.

DaJuan Morgan was a steal in the third round.

If you draft 12 guys, and most of them are expected to see significant playing time, one of two things is true. You either hit the ball out of the park on draft day, or your team stinks.

In the Chiefs’ case, both statements are true.

This has the potential to be a painful, painful season. The Chiefs will be competing with the Oakland Raiders for the basement in the AFC West, and the Chiefs might have the inside track.

While Dwayne Bowe, Tony Gonzalez, and Larry Johnson are three of the best at what they do, I’m not sure they can carry the rest of the offense to respectability.

The offensive line is questionable. Outside of Branden Albert and Brian Waters, I’m not sure there’s an ounce of talent on that line. They will have all kinds of problems with the right side of that line. Seriously questionable.

Their quarterback, the young Brodie Croyle, is even more questionable. The next time he wins an NFL start will be the first time he wins an NFL start. He seems inaccurate and probably should be sitting behind Damon Huard.

Any time someone says your starting quarterback probably should be sitting behind Damon Huard...well, there’s always next year.

On the defensive side of the ball, Glenn Dorsey is going to be a beast. Derrick Johnson is a playmaker. Brandon Flowers is going to be a pretty good NFL cornerback. I actually like Tamba Hali.

Unfortunately, there are seven other positions on defense, and all of them are filled with either old, average, or terrible players.

The Chiefs are going to give up a lot of points and a ton of yards.

But, like I said, they drafted extremely well. This is a team that could rebound relatively quickly.

But more likely in 2010 than in 2008.


Fantasy Sleeper

Kolby Smith

The Chiefs are going to have to run the ball a ton this year. Larry Johnson is a man-beast, but they’re going to need someone else to take some carries to keep him healthy for the entire season.

If he doesn’t stay healthy, Kolby Smith will be an absolute steal in the late rounds.


Fighting for draft picks, fighting for the playoffs, or contending for the Super Bowl?

When you plan to play as many as 12 rookies, and you may start as many as six of them, you’re most definitely fighting for draft picks.



Somewhere between four and six wins, with all of them coming after the unfortunate benching of Brodie Croyle. Damon Huard just wins (meaningless) football games.


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