The Electric Curse May Now Be Reversed

Shawn DieboldContributor IOctober 10, 2010

A Good Day
A Good DayEzra Shaw/Getty Images

After seven long years, we have defeated the San Diego Chargers. So what can be taken from this game? First, a victory, a much deserved one at that. Then there were the highs and lows, that I would rather just avoid.

What this game told me was that our football team is one that will not back down. One that will play till its final breath. We faced a dominant San Diego team, with arguably the best offense in the league and a very formidable defense.

The odds were obviously against us. But we came out with energy, we played hard, and what i noticed the most was that we have the guts and the heart to win games. Bruce goes down and Jason Campbell came in and performed in my opinion tremendously, considering the circumstances.

After countless first downs for the Bolts and so few by the Raiders, I figured we might as well try next time. However I, as well as the NFL nation and Raider haters were proved wrong. My respect for Tom Cable and our players is stronger, for the hustle, teamwork, grit and fire they showed on the field.

This game was definitely one that we as Raider fans deserved, as well as the team and the organization. Sure people would say we got lucky, or the refs helped us.

First of all, the refs were good as far as I could tell. Second, if the Bolts rack up 506 total yards on offense and our starting QB gets knocked out of the game in the first half, and we still win, that tells you something about who the team is and how bad they want it.

The point I want to make is this. After the game was over, when the players and Coach Cable were smiling and I was rushed with excitement a thought came to mind. It had been a long, long time since we had beaten the Bolts, seven count em' seven years.

This in my opinion is the start of something different. Seven years of futility should now end. We have always struggled with the Chargers, they have always held us back and kept our spirits down. However I truly believe it came to an end.

Good performance by the Chargers, but this game was ours, the players deserved, the organization deserved it, WE deserved it.

Lets hope this trend will continue...until next week.