Why San Francisco 49er's Will Be Better Than The Raiders This Season

Andrew ButlerCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2008

I think it's important to note that first and foremost, boo Raiders! Boo! 

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I'm eager to see how Darren McFumble is going to help a team that averaged the 6th most rushing yards/game with Michael Bush to return as well.  Seriously do you have nothing better to do with over five million dollars salary to go from the 6th to the 3rd, 2nd or 1st most rushing yards/game?

Most teams address their weaknesses in the offseason, like the San Francisco 49ers.  In Oakland we address our running and pass defense which are already top 10 in the NFL.

Now that I'm done bashing the Raider faithful, I like the looks of the San Francisco 49ers, who are now being led by Mike Martz who at one point made Marc Bulger, Jon Kitna, and Kurt Warner have arms that might of been considered pro bowl worthy. 

 Even Jon Kitna behind an offense that was #1 in sacks managed to put together an efficient and effective offense.  Imagine what can happen in San Francisco with their youth at offensive line, an investment that has paid dividends to the Green Bay Packers making Ryan Grant and Brett Favre put up phenomenal numbers. 

Even if Alex Smith hasn't shown up well, his offensive line will continue to improve, as will his receivers, as will his understanding of the QB position.  Even if Alex Smith somehow fails to become the QB he was hoped to be, Shaun Hill has shown the ability to handle backup, and perhaps challenge Smith for the starting job, and is a good precaution if their o-line fails to keep their backfield healthy like last season.

San Francisco has also added veteran receiver Isaac Bruce to help the young and talented receivers Ashley Lelie, and Bryant Johnson, who have shown signs of great athleticism to be NFL stars.  Something that Isaac Bruce might know a thing or two about, who is also experienced with Mike Martz's system when they won the super bowl under Martz's offense being their go to receiver at that time. 

Combined with a one two rushing combination with DeShaun Foster and Frank Gore, who still manages to produce good numbers behind a horrible o-line, and now has insurance in case he gets injured.

At that, Mike Nolan is a known defensive oriented coach who has improved their defense by adding DE Justin Smith, and LB Takeo Spikes, with rookie spectacle Patrick Willis, and rookie first round talent DT Kentwan Balmer.  At that first round LB Manny Lawson tore his ACL in his sophomore season after coming off to a hot start last season. 

Cornerback Walt Harris showed his ability to still play well by putting up eight INT's two years ago and Nate Clements putting up four INT's last season.  Their defense has all around ability to be efficient, as does their offense.

When all is said and done with the 49ers, they've addressed many of their needs to have a chance at winning six games next season, while I watch Oakland just add to their strengths and forget the idea of having a defense stop the run.  I don't blame Javon Walker for considering retirement with his future with the Oakland Raiders, I'm not sure if I would want to play for a losing team either. 

At least San Francisco wants to win and has made a lot of changes this season to prove that they aren't a complete bust that can't compete in the NFL.  Oakland show me what you got, because I know San Francisco is going to be the real deal in the next couple of years and can at least compete for a division title, I wish Oakland could say that much.