WWE RAW: Kane and Nexus Try To Rid WWE Of Undertaker. No More Phenom?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2010

Hey WWE Universe. Last night was epic. Raw started out with a legand to open the show, Bret "the Hitman" Hart.

Bret was saying that when he first emerged on the scene, Undertaker was there on hand as well. He continued, by saying "900 episodes and 17 years later, we are still around".

Just about then, Smackdown Champion, Kane, came out. As soon as he heard his brother's name, he had to get in the ring and ridicule Taker.

He was saying that his brother, as well as Bret Hart, are old and feebled, tattered, and worn out. Kane also commented that the Phenom is "no more."

Does Kane really think that he is the new Phenom here on earth and in deadman's land?

Kane is large, dangerous and evil. He refers himself as the "devil's favorite demon."

Taker has been in seclusion from the time that his "beloved" brother attacked and left him in unresponsive state.

At SummerSlam, however, Taker made a surprising return and found out the truth about who attacked him.

Last night, after Kane ridiculed his brother, Taker came out to put an end to his brother Kane's rampage.

The GM sent Micheal Cole an email saying that, later in the evening, Bret Hart and Taker would face each other.

When both participants were in the ring and ready, Wade Barrett from Nexus, came out and told the two superstars, the match wasn't going to happen.

The reason for the interference was because earlier, Nexus were planning on doing something that no one would ever forget, and this was it.

Barrett challenged the Undertaker to a match. Taker was up for that. Wade was no match for the Phenom.

Undertaker threw Barrett out of the ring.

Suddenly, the lights went out and when they came back on, Kane was in the ring.

Both brothers tried to choke slam each other.

The lights went out for the second time.

Now, you all know for a fact, that, Barrett wouldn't have gone out to the ring, unless he had backup and a little extra help.

As the story goes, the lights went out again and this when the lights came on, all members of Nexus (Skip Sheffield is out with a broken ankle) were in the ring, where Taker was cleaning house.

The lights went out yet again.

All the times that the lights went out, Taker's music was playing. Something was going to happen and it wouldn't be pretty.

This time, when the lights came on, Barrett had Taker on his shoulders and slammed him. All of Nexus attacked Taker.

At the top of the ramp, Kane was watching his brother getting trampled.

Justin Gabriel climbed to the top rope, and gave the Phenom the 450. The Dead Man just laid in the ring. Kane didn't budge when Taker was being beat on.

All evening, whenever Taker was in the ring, he did not look or act like himself. His eyes were vacant looking, almost hopeless.

There seemed to be no sign of life. Sure he was walking and talking, but there was something missing.

This was not the same Phenom as we knew him.

What had Kane done to him?

Will Taker ever be the same again?

Will Nexus and Kane pay for their dirty deeds?

Does it seem possible that Nexus and Kane are hand in hand now?

We'll see what and if they are on RAW next week and at NOC!