Marcus Davis Will Knock Nate Diaz Out in Battle of Creature vs. Creature

Dale De Souza@@DaleDeSouzaMMAAnalyst IAugust 28, 2010

Stockton, baby?

Try Bangor, homie.

Yeah, it's not Boston area per se, but it's still a few minutes away from Beantown, and thus Marcus Davis may still have a home-field advantage come fight time tomorrow night.

That's not the only thing Nate Diaz will have to keep in mind though, although when your brother is a badass in every sense of the word, having the crowds boo you is the least of your concerns.

A boxing game that's sick for a 37 year-old Irish-American, on the other hand, I'd worry about.

See, that's definitely one thing Diaz had better remember despite being a boxer himself: Davis knows Boxing.

Not just MMA-adapted Boxing, I mean the man knows Boxing.

BoxRec has him down at 17-1-2 as a pro boxer with his last pro fight being in 2000, so if anyone knows a stinging jab or a hook or an uppercut better than Diaz, it's Davis.

You don't have to watch the sport of boxing to know that it can be used to inflict damage while standing up in just about any situation, which makes it one of the most utilized forms of on-foot combat in MMA.

Davis has some of the best boxing skills at welterweight right now, and he will not hesitate to use it against Diaz.

Now of course both men have train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and both men have finished eight people off with wicked submissions, but for one simple reason do I find the idea of this one ending by way of submission:

Davis may not want the fight on the ground.

Sure, he does have BJJ experience, but how do we know that it's at a level to where he would be able to solidly neutralize Diaz's BJJ, which by the way isn't bad for a brown belt?

Besides, I see Diaz being the one that tries to take the fight to the ground, but I don't see too many successful attempts at a takedown from Diaz.

What I do see is Baby Nate getting worn out on the feet by Davis for the first round, though at the worst I see Diaz getting knocked down.

In round two, I see Diaz showing early signs of fatigue and clinching on to Davis just to hang on, but I see Diaz's back against the cage when that happens, and when it does, Nate may try to bring it to his haven from there.

That attempt he makes at putting Davis on the ground is where I see the end for Diaz.

I see Davis trying his heart out to take Diaz down, even if by a slip or a trip, but Diaz could leave his chin open.

When he does, it'll be bye-bye, Diaz.

Prediction: The Irish Hand Grenade explodes with a second-round knock out via a right uppercut, knocking Nate Diaz out and scoring himself a hard fought win in Boston.

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