SummerSlam: Team WWE Finally Shuts Up Nexus, or So We Thought

lee raydeanCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2010

SummerSlam, in my opinion, was the wrestling pay-per-view of the year. The matches couldn't have been more tense. The wrestlers were more focused, more determined, and Team WWE was ready for whatever Nexus threw at them.

What led up to this rivalry started a few months back, after the first seaon of NXT. All seven members decided they wanted to make an impact, and there was a plan to be carried out.

Week after week, Nexus would interfere in matches, especially when the WWE champion or John Cena were in a match.

Nexus took out Vince McMahon, Cena, the Great Khali, and anyone else they felt was a threat. At the same time, they were a unit that never missed their target.

At SummerSlam, Team WWE knew they had to win. There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it. It seemed to me that Cena's team couldn't get on the same page.

Jericho felt that he should be head honcho for the team. Edge thought the same of himself. A week before that, every member of Team WWE were fighting and arguing with one another.

The more they did that, the more Nexus felt they could win. They had a rude awakening SummerSlam night.

Earlier that day, Edge and Jericho asked the egotistical, loud-mouthed brat the Miz, to join their team, and he said he would let them know.

"Hey, Miz, there are only a few hours before the event. Get your head out of your butt and make a decision now!" I yelled at the TV screen at the bar. I knew some of the patrons thought I was a crazy woman.

At the opening of the night's event, Miz's music came on and he came out with his chest puffed out, smiling like he was as proud as a peacock.

He was in the ring a good 15 minutes before he gave his decision. Miz said yes. The only reason why he was asked in the first place was because Jericho and Edge had quit the team.

Team WWE already had Khali out because Nexus snuck up behind him and he couldn't wrestle...same with The Hart Dynasty. Maybe they thought, the less, the better.

Nexus is smart. They pick a target and zoom in for the kill and do it when least expected. Nexus flies into the ring from out of nowhere. That's scary.

As big and brutal as Sheamus is, even he is afraid of Nexus. A few superstars that I know that aren't afraid of them are Cena, Randy Orton, and, most likely, Big Show.

Sorry, I got a little side-tracked. As I was saying before, when it was time for the main event, Team WWE came out and the last one to enter was the Miz.

When Cena seen him, he yelled "No, no, no. I already have someone that I can count on. Someone who hates Nexus as much as we do." When I saw who it was, I was speechless.

Ex-Nexus rookie Daniel Bryan came out. The fans cheered, and Nexus was in a state of shock. Miz couldn't believe it, either. It was the first time I ever saw him speechless. Miracles do happen!

All 14 men jumped into the ring and went at it. Nexus couldn't really get themselves together and had to regroup. They did this a few times during the match.

Daniel Bryan was going to show the WWE Universe that he was and is championship material.

He was magnificent. He took two Nexus rookies out himself. The Miz and his sidekick, Alex Riley, interfered in the match and hit Bryan from behind with Miz's Money in the Bank briefcase. That gave Nexus the opening they needed to pin Bryan.

Jericho used a codebreaker on Ship Sheffield. He is the powerhouse of Nexus. He took out a few WWE stars himself.

Edge and Jericho slipped and accidentally hit Cena. John argued but backed off so they could finish the match.

I want to get to the get to the good part, so here goes. The last two members of Nexus were left to battle what was left of Team WWE. Now, it was Cena against Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel.

After getting the crap beaten out of him, Cena managed to roll out of the way of Gabriel's 450 splash, then pinned him. This was more like it. One on one. No one could interfere, and no one should have.

It didn't take Cena long to put Barrett in the STF and make him tap out. It was over! Team WWE finally shut Nexus up. At least until the next night on RAW.

That's another story, but I'll sign off for now.

Thank all of you who read this.