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    During my time looking in Bleacher and writing for this great site I have not seen much in the form of gaming. Let's face it, most of us out there love gaming, so I will start to become the unofficial spokesman for gaming on this site. Help me get another Category set up for gaming.

    Oh and if IGN, GAMETRAILERS, KOTAKU, GAMESPOT, GAME INFORMER, 1UP, DESTRUCTOID, OR ANY OTHER GAMING SITE IS LOOKING, I will be providing a bunch of articles on gaming/wrestling from here on out, so check out my stuff by clicking my name, or hire me, whatever comes first, lol.


    Anyway, on to the article.

    If you're a fan of the PS3, 360, or WII, you can't deny that each console has some great games coming, not only this year, but the beginning of next year too. Since most of us aren't rich we need to chop down that pile and focus on the best of the best.

    Here is a list of the top 10 anticipated games coming out this year. I will begin with one console per article, first I'll start with the company I believe won E3. I better hurry with release dates constantly being pushed back there is no time to waste.

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    Nintendo. Yes, Nintendo won E3. They had it all. They still had the fluff to please the average consumer, but they hit nothing but games for the hardcore, right out of the box. There stage was larger than last years E3. They had a longer show. They had a more sophisticated look then last year, and they showed great games.

    I feel that they may have showed too much of the 3DS, but, with the 3DS living up to the hype and getting games like Kid Icarus, Metal Gear, and Resident Evil, I could see why. They have some of the best lineup of games that will make your wallet never be full. So on to the top ten.

10. Sonic 4

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    I thought I'd throw a WiiWare in here to change things up. I know, Sonic 4 is not coming out on Wii only, but, it was difficult to find a #10 that was more anticipated on the Wii. Besides, just like Mega Man 9-10, the best place to play classics is on the Wii. People are kind of through with Sonic and the various games SEGA has put out with him and have been constantly asking SEGA to just go back to basics. Well, here it is, Sonic 4. SEGA goes back to basics doing the classic 2D style and mechanics that made the original Sonic fun. When the first screen shots came out there was a lot of buzz. It kind of cooled down a bit, but people are still interested.

9. Conduit 2

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    I was going to put this at #10 since the buzz for this is not like when the original came out, but decided that Sonic has less buzz then this. As a owner of the original game I have to say that High Voltage at least tried. That is a lot more I can say for other developers. But, the great thing about them is that they listen to their fans. Conduit 2 takes place right after the first game, and they have improved Conduit 2 in many ways. They added better boss battles, more weapons, better AI for their enemies, a sprint button, using zoom reticle, and of course the Split Screen. Most of us will take a wait and see approach, but it is looking good.

8. Lost In Shadow

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    Here is a platformer about a boy that loses his shadow and must become whole again. It has a great art style and is different in concept (manipulating shadows to get throughout the stage). When the game first came out it had a lot of buzz, but as people have played it, some feel that it should have been a WiiWare game. Some feel that even though the concept is nice, it still plays like a regular puzzler. We have to wait and see with this one, but, it is good to see a company create something outside the box.

7. The Last Story

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    I know, I cheated, this game HAS been announced for a Japanese release this year, but not in the West. Which is one reason it is not near the top 5. However, the buzz on this game has been growing and growing.

    Wii is starting to get a strong hold on the JRPG market and THE LAST STORY is no exception. Mistwalker's new RPG looks amazing and has some of the best Wii graphics out. The game mechanics look solid, especially with a real time combat system. When this is announced for the U.S it will probably be in the top 5. It might not even come out for U.S., but one can hope right.

6. NBA Jam

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    Wow, NBA JAM. We have been waiting for WiiWare or even Virtual Console to bring us a remake of this game for a while. Who didn't love catching on fire and doing a freaking 360 from the foul line to crush the dunk, or putting various codes in to play as Bill Clinton or whoever (that is the only one I can remember, lol). So we finally got it, with an updated roster, player faces in a cool style, and more quotes.

    However, the reason it isn't placed on later on is because it's a full retail game. Now that it has been announced, it has to be worth paying the price. This is where I think fans will hold off, and the buzz dipped a little. They just showed some of the boss battles which seem pretty cool, so I have a feeling this is one is high on a lot of lists.


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    When I saw this at E3 I was like COOL! The game came out of nowhere for me. I didn't hear anything about it at all, so when I saw it it was a treat. It plays just like a classic Donkey Kong game, except this time you can have a two player co-op with the second playing as Diddy. You collect banana's just the same and play foreground as well as background with out making it two complicated. Graphics look great and I'm sure the game play will be awesome. Many will be getting this game when it comes out.


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    What can I say. The same way I was surprised about DK Country, I was more surprised by Kirby. There were a lot of people that didn't see this one coming. Now I'll admit I'm not a Kirby fan, but when I saw the brief trailer at E3 and the game mechanics of using yarn to play the level's as well as Kirby's changing forms, it was pretty awesome. The graphics were great to see, and how innovative this game looked pushed this to the top. This will definitely be a treat for people to play.


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    No one can deny that Goldeneye on N64 was one of THE best multiplayer games. Playing split screen with friends would go on for hours. Playing for bragging rights and using all the codes that you unlocked to make it fun. Remember the golden gun, one shot kill. Man I hated getting hit with that. The same way Halo did for Xbox, this did for N64. When I first heard about it, I saw a leaked video right before the E3 show. But I did not know if the video I saw was real or fake. E3 confirmed it was real, and how awesome it was.

    The only hangup on this game, like NBA JAM is that it is a full retail release after everyone has been asking for it to come to the Virtual Console/WiiWare. Will it be worth the price tag? It will be interesting to see how this one does as it seems that it is just an imagining of the old game. They replaced Brosnan with Craig, added Close Quarters Combat, and switched up some levels. Hopefully they keep almost everything that made the original fun and engaging, if not it will be just another Conduit 2. The buzz and wait alone makes this my #3.


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    I know guys, don't kill me please. Metroid: Other M is one of THE most anticipated games, and it was very hard to choose whether to put this at #1 or not, so consider it a tie. Metroid: Other M looks AMAZING. This game will sell so many copies. I might even say that it will reach levels of Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Bros. Wii. The game takes place right after you defeat Mother Brain in Super Metroid.

    The game mechanics are awesome, and Team Ninja has really done a wonderful job of incorporating the classic style and the first person style of the newer Metroid's. I have to admit that seeing the graphics in the story I was shocked that Nintendo can do graphics like that. But it just proves what this system can do and how lazy some developers really are. Can't wait.


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    So this is what prevented Metroid: Other M from becoming #1, or making it a tie. Epic Mickey is one of the most anticipated games for the NIntendo Wii. This game has been most anticipated the moment that concept art came out.

    People have said Warren Spector is a genius in gaming and he is bringing his mind exclusively to Nintendo in Epic Mickey. We follow Mickey in the Cartoon Wasteland which was made into a twisted world by Phantom Blot (A blot of paint that Mickey made by spilling paint into a Mirror looking into the Cartoon Wasteland). Blot twists the land as well as the former ruler Oswald the Lucky Rabbit who was the original Disney character.

    In this platformer Mickey uses a paint brush and thinner to control his environment. Using paint to close parts of the world or use the paint to meneauver through levels.

    The thinner is used to open up secret areas as well as meneauver. Mickey must batlle his twisted half-brother Oswald who wants to kill him as well as Phantom Blot. The game looks great and probably the only 3rd party games with this much buzz. Will we finally see a 3rd party title that sells like a Nintendo title? A must get.

    As you know all this is subjective and these games can be placed in any order really. I would like to hear your thoughts on where you rank these titles. In the end we all win, yeah.

    If you enjoyed this, check back as I will be coming out with my PS3/360 top ten anticipated games within the next couple of days.

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