Will Randy Couture Be A "Natural" Problem For James Toney?

Dale De SouzaAnalyst IJuly 31, 2010

Last night, I posted up a piece in the MMA section, a section of B/R to which I commonly frequent and contribute, about if boxing legend James "Lights Out" Toney had a chance to beat UFC legend Randy "The Natural" Couture.

Maybe it is and maybe it isn't considered a "freak show fight" as some are calling it.

Definitely, fans of Mixed Martial Arts are talking about it. Some think Toney could have a shot, while others feel that Couture's ability will be just too much for Toney to handle.

But what about those on the other side of the spectrum?

What about those fans who know something about James Toney beyond the simple fact that he's a boxing legend?

What about those who know who, besides Evander Holyfield, have fought and fallen to Toney in his boxing career —those that know exactly who Toney has KOed, and those who know which shots from Toney got him those wins?

What do those people who have followed James Toney's career —what do they think about Toney's chances in the octagon?

I'm not ruling out the possibility of Toney knocking out Couture, and I'm certain that even those who are boxing fans first know that a knockdown in MMA is on a different planet from a knockdown in boxing, as are the rules of the game in both sports.

What I don't know is if the boxing legend has trained in arts outside of his natural element, but I do know that Couture is something that maybe James Toney doesn't see yet.

Randy Couture, the UFC Hall Of Famer is a "Natural" problem for James Toney.

For his entire career, Randy has been the guy who has been well rounded and he has been able to take people down, submit them, and even knock them out or cut them open.

Even at his age, he can still put people agaisnt the cage and control them or clinch with them and dirty box with them.

Dirty boxing is a legal component of MMA, and I think it will prove trouble for Toney against Couture, maybe even more so than the obvious change of battlefield from ring to cage.

Generally, you can never hold an opponent's head and box in the clinch in the actual sport of Boxing, but you can in mixed martial arts because it incorporates a wide diversity when it comes to styles.

Maybe Toney knows that it's cool to dirty box in MMA, but then again maybe he doesn't.

It's more than just the wrestling and the submissions that may affect Toney.

Plus if Toney does try to box regularly with Couture, fans of either sport must remember that while a left or right could knock out Couture; setting up for it could leave a leg open for a kick, and once you kick a leg enough times, it gets tougher to not only move, but it also gets tougher to land any significant shots.

Maybe Toney can be the problem solver in this fight in Boston and beat Couture the only way he knows how to — by knocking out Couture with one of his lethal hands or a devestating combination from both.

Or maybe the problem that is Couture could be too much for Toney to handle.

"Lights out" for Randy Couture come UFC 118 on August 28?

I wouldn't be so sure, Mr. Toney.