Could James Toney Put the "Lights Out" on Randy Couture?

Dale De SouzaAnalyst IJuly 30, 2010

Last night (or early this morning, for those in the Central Time Zone) the crew at ESPN's MMA Live touched on a number of things including James Toney Vs. Randy Couture at UFC 118 at the end of August.

They've been talking about it for about the past few weeks, but they had Dana White give his take on the event last night with Dana actually admitting that the fight was once perceived by him as a fight that Toney couldn't win.

Now, with a little more than a month before the fight, fans are being very vocal about the fight with some thinking it'll be a "freak show fight" and nothing more.

But is it really?

I mean, I'm going to back Couture when the fight rolls around, but is it possible that James Toney actualy proves himself to be a legit fighter and not just a "one-and-done" boxer in MMA?

I don't think I really have to specify what Couture might want to do with Toney, nor do I think I have to specify what Toney will want to do to Couture, but how do we know for sure that boxing is all Toney knows?

We don't, for those in the MMA world, but we do know about Couture.

We know he's a hell of a wrestler, he loves to dirty box if he has to box, and we know that if he sees a free neck or an extremity, he is not going to wave at it.

He's going to try to squeeze the neck or wrench the extremity until Toney taps out, but we don't know for sure that Toney will get himself caught in that situation at UFC 118

All we know for sure, besides the fact that these two will clash in Boston's TD Garden Arena, is that these two are legends in their respective sports.

That, plus James Toney's artform, the sport of boxing, is a well-known, well-utilized-by-many discipline of Mixed Martial Arts — the sport that Randy Couture is well associated with.

Toney's an opponent the likes of which Couture hasn't faced before, but MMA is an artform of combat-sports that James Toney has never participated in himself.

To say that Toney will put Couture's lights out isn't a foregone conclusion.

Much like the chance of Couture delivering a "Natural Beatdown" to Toney, however, it isn't out of the question either.

Will The Natural be able put the boxer on his back with some solid shots?

Will Toney be able to put the "lights out" on the UFC Hall of Famer?

Everyone will find out on August 28th when the two legends clash in Boston.