The Break-Up of Lay-Cool: Finally Coming?

Buzz M.@@KingofbuzzersAnalyst IJuly 29, 2010

Hello Buzzers, Buzz is back with some major news.

Two months ago, after enjoying various articles offered by talented writers on this site, I decided to write my first article with a hope of becoming an active member on B/R.

As you see, it was about team Lay-Cool being announced as the co-women's champions by Vickie Guerrero.

Since then, everybody expected one seemingly inevitable ending to this. The break-up of team Lay-Cool.

Is there anybody on this planet who had other thoughts?

It's fair to say that this team had some entertaining segments, whether on Smackdown or NXT, even though they sometimes act like 10-year-old girls.

But let's face it, the divas division on Smackdown has few divas. We had the same feud (Lay-Cool vs. Kelly Kelly and Tiffany) with the same matches. So until Beth returns and Serena makes her debut match, we need a new storyline.

Though WWE recognizes Layla as the only legit champion, Michelle McCool still appears with her, while holding the other replica belt in every angle.

However, it seems that this is coming to an end soon.

Recently, I read some news stating that Theodore Long has finally decided to put an end to this on Smackdown.

P.S. The following doesn't contain major spoilers from the upcoming Smackdown episode as I'll only cover Lay-Cool's issue.

In the taped Smackdown for the July 30 episode, Smackdown GM Theodre Long told Lay-Cool that there needs to be one Women's Champion only, and they can either decide for themselves or he'll decide for them next week.

I don't want to put your hopes down, but I heard that the two divas still managed to do something about it, for a while at least.

However, it's now obvious that the countdown to the end of Lay-Cool has begun. I'm sure WWE didn't just let Teddy make this announcement for no reason, unless they want to surprise us with something more tedious.

I think that this may lead us to several possibilities and I'll try to give some predictions.

Teddy announces a match for the undisputed women's champion at Summerslam. This may have several outcomes, but the obvious one might be McCool attacking Layla after the match, leading to a face turn for the British diva.

They quarrel and split before facing each others in a future match. Maybe it could begin with McCool showing jealousy and attacking Layla.

Teddy names Layla as the only champion which again leads to an attack by McCool.

They continue with the same status (while showing some slight tensions only) until the end of NXT Season Two—so they can continue managing Kaval—and then feud later.

They show some disagreements and arguments that could be put into a storyline including their rookie Kaval in NXT Season Two.

Nothing happens and they just come up with another dumb thing to go on like this, until Layla loses the belt to another diva, which might also lead to Lay-Cool split.

Vickie Guerrero interferes and tries to save the team, but she seems busy with Ziggler.

For me, whatever happens, the most obvious outcome would be McCool attacking Layla.

I do hope they feud before the end of NXT Season Two. Maybe this way, we can see Kaval involved in this feud, and they could even cause him some losses, due to distractions from ringside.

So what do you think? How will this end? Will Lay-Cool split? Will they feud? Will Layla turn face? Will McCool turn face (I doubt it)? Or will this co-championship continue till they lose it to another diva?

Whatever happens, I do hope that WWE gives them more time so they can put on an interesting storyline.