tee polkAnalyst IJuly 29, 2008

Here is a look at the Top 5 RB's that will have a huge impact for their team this season:


5. Marion Barber- Dallas Cowboys-

Marion Barber may not be the every down back in the NFL, but he sure does get the job done with his power and finesse with the way he runs the ball. Barber shared time last season with Julius Jones as the back and still got a nod for the Pro Bowl as the 2nd string running back for the Cowboys just check the stats 975 yards rushing and 10 touchdowns this guy is simply amazing and he has a new $60 million dollar contract as proof.


4. Steven Jackson-St Louis Rams-

Jackson may have had an injury prone year last year, but that still didn't stop him from rushing for over 1000 yards for the struggling Rams. Jackson is simply a physical back who can run the ball inside and take a hard hit from the opposing defense so expect for him to bounce back and continue to be an elite back in this league. And by the way he sure did make alot of St Louis fans forget about Marshall Faulk.. Marshall Who??


3. Brian Westbrook-Philadelphia Eagles-

If you have not seen Mr.Westbrook play then you are simply missing out on one of the most talented running backs that the NFL has ever seen. I mean this guy can you give you everything with his ability to run the ball and catch the ball that has the opposing defense really working hard to figure out how to stop Westbrook because he runs so low to the ground its hard to tackle him and that is why he is ranked #3 on my list.


2. Ladainian Tomlinson-San Diego Chargers-

Wow.. L.T. has been the face of the NFL at the RB position for the past couple of season, and he has taken the league by storm since his arrival to the NFL. Tomlinson has broken records, set his own records, won a MVP award, and has the fans in San Diego falling in love with the Chargers again, and I think that he will have a stronger year this year than he did last year because he is a work horse and knows how to win.


1. Adrian Peterson-Minnesota Vikings-


A.P. is simply the man folks!! Peterson has set the standards for running back in the NFL for the next 5 years because this dude is a football player, and I bet alot of teams are feeling pretty dumb for this talent slip in the draft. Peterson rushed for 1341 yards and 12 touchdowns for the not so impressive Vikings, and the only reason why people around the world tuned in to watch Vikings was because of my A.P. just check out these numbers 224 yards and 3 TD's against the Bears in Week 6, and another impressive 296 yard and 3 TD effort against the Chargers in week 9. All I can say is wow!!! So that is why Peterson is #1 coming into this season because he is the true definition of greatness!!!


Honorable Mention:

Frank Gore-San Francisco 49ers

Jamal Lewis- Cleveland Brown

Joseph Addai- Indianapolis Colts

Clinton Portis- Washington Redskins