Oakland Raiders hope their not the next to play the "Blame Kwame Game"

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The Blame Kwame Game

Posted 06-15-2008 at 02:51 AM by MVH
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Kwame Harris is a highly intelligent and multi talented Stanford man who plays classical piano and violin.

A renaissance man, ala Rosie Greer.

The Jamaican born Harris, selected 26th overall in the 2006 Draft has been considered a bust by many Niner fans and yes there are youtube vids of him whiffing on pass protection and drawing flags like pre schoolers on Veterans day, but can he turn it around and salvage his career across the Bay in Silver and Black?

He was switched to Right Tackle after his first 2 seasons at Left Tackle, but what really seems to have hurt Harris was the 49ers switch from a zone blocking scheme to a more traditional straight line power scheme.

In fact, Harris was one of the last hold overs of the last hold overs of the Terry Donahue era.

Now, in Oakland he can get back to the scheme he seemed to be slated for.

His pass protection has been called into question and truthfully, at times he's looked bad in the afore mentioned system. Something his Coach duly noted.

In an article that appeared in the Press Democrat 49er's Coach Mike Noland pulled no punches regarding Kwame and the lack of pass protection.

"By the way, I've looked at every sack the 49ers have surrendered this season -- all 18 of them. In my opinion, Harris has allowed pressure that in some way contributed to 10 of those sacks. He was entirely responsible for five sacks and partially responsible for another five."

Whether Harris can improve is something Raider fans will be watching closely as Jamarcus Russell, their Franchise face and 1st over all pick in the 2007 Draft, begins his first year at starting quarterback.

Harris started every game over the past 2 seasons and continued to draw the ire of Frisco fans who were more than disappointed in his perceived lack of production and advancement.

He has been praised by his Coaches for his run blocking and is credited in a major way toward the 1,695 yd Franchise record RB Frank Gore posted.

Despite his contributions to the running game, many were feeling his time was short in San Fran. It was nearly telegramed when the 9ers picked Offensive Tackle Joltin' Joe Staley 28th overall in last years Draft.

Harris didn't have to wait long for the axe to fall, losing his starting job to him after the 3rd Pre Season game.

Some felt the renaissance man wasn't mean and nasty enough and didn't make the best use of his strength.

The 6-7, 322 lb. Harris seemed to lack "punch" according to some and failed to fire off the line and blast opponents, again, not his forte' but something Oakland will likely try to address.

He should fair better in the ZBS and after last years "miraculous" turn around in Oaklands line production, who knows what else could be possible?

Alot of attention is going to be heaped on Kwame and wether he can revive his stalled career in Oakland.

Fans of the Silver and Black, desperate for signs of life, are hoping the answer to that question is "Yes" and that they won't be the ones next year playing the "Blame Kwame Game" .