NFL Season Preview: Kansas City Chiefs With Help From Dwayne Bowe

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJuly 26, 2008

I'm going to start this with a few quick hits about this article.

  • First off, I would like to thank Dwayne Bowe for answering questions for me about the upcoming season for the Chiefs.
  • I'm sorry about the 10 day span between previews, I was at Penn State at a sports journalism camp so hopefully that will show in my writing.  I met WR Derrick Williams as well as Jay Paterno, Joe's son.

Now, on to the preview.

The Chiefs had a great draft on their way towards their goal of improving on their miserable 4-12 record last season.

However, they have question marks with a quarterback position battle as well as concerns about Larry Johnson.

So how are they going to pull everything together this season?

Key Addition/Subtraction

Devard Darling- From the Ravens

Jared Allen- To the Vikings

Key Games

Sept. 14, vs. Raiders- The Raiders have been seen as a team that is going to be getting better this season.  If the Chiefs can beat them early in the season, it can be a big confidence boost.

Oct. 19, vs. Titans- The Titans are definitely going to be strong, but not completely out of the relm of the Chiefs.  If the Chiefs can take them down, it could be another big boost in confidence.

Oct. 26, at Jets- The Jets are another up-and-coming team.  If the Chiefs can win this one, they are going to be looked at as a threat.

Dec. 07, at Broncos- The Broncos are pretty much equal to the skill level of the Chiefs.  This should be a good game and could end up coming down to the final seconds.

Season Outlook

The Chiefs have added help at wide receiver, but they are stuck in a quarterback battle.  Brodie Croyle seems to have the edge, but Damon Huard and even Tyler Thigpen are still possibilities to steal the starting job.

The addition of Devard Darling was a big help and gave the Chiefs a legitimate second threat at receiver.  "He is going to be another explosive wide which will make it hard to double just me," said Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe.

They had a bulk of draft picks who are likely to start.  Brandon Albert, Glenn Dorsey, and Brandon Flowers are among rookies who are likely to get a lot of playing time, but they are going to make sure that they put in the work to become better.

When asked how the rookie class is going to impact the team this season, Bowe replied, "That's up to the rookie class, I can't speak for them. They did great in OTA's."

Larry Johnson is another question mark for the regular season.  He missed the final eight games of the regular season and was limited in mini camps. 

He is likely to be limited during training camps and the preseason which opens the door for Kolby Smith and Jamaal Charles to make an impression on the coaching staff.

The Chiefs are also working on improving their offense, which ranked 31st in the NFL last season.  "The team along with the offensive coaching staff has simplified the offensive playbook," said Bowe.

My Prediction

Just like with Stanford Routt, I couldn't get a prediction out of Bowe, just the regular old crap thrown out by players.  "That's not my choice on where to pick them. We are number one in my eyes," said Bowe.

So yet again, I am forced to do my own work at figuring out how the team is going to do this season.

Sorry Chiefs fans, but there are too many question marks to make this team good.  I am going to say about 5-11 this season, but they are adding pieces to become younger and better.

Thanks again to Dwayne Bowe, one of the young players I was talking about, for being a part of this article.

I'm Joe W.

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