NFL Season Preview: Tennessee Titans

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJuly 1, 2008

The Titans are headed by one of the best young quarterbacks, Vince Young, and have one of the best defensive linemen, Albert Haynseworth, in the NFL.

They finished last season 10-6, and are looking to improve on that record and hopefully make the playoffs this year.

But do they have what it takes in the stacked AFC South?

Key Addition/Subtraction

Alge Crumpler- From the Falcons

Antwan Odom- To the Bengals

Key Games

Sept. 07, vs. Jaguars- The Titans need to finish ahead of the Jags to get a Wild Card, beating them is certainly a good step towards that.

Oct. 27, vs. Colts- The Titans always seem to give the Colts a rough time, now that the Titans have a good team, can they start beating them with consistency?

Dec. 07, vs. Browns- The Browns are a team that is going to compete for a Wild Card spot, beating them will help their own quest for a playoff spot.

Dec. 21, at Steelers- Another team that could be going against them in the Wild Card race, you have to beat your opponents, especially when they hold something you want.

Season Outlook

I'm going to take a page out of Kanye West's book and make a bold statement.  The Titans management does not care about Vince Young.

I'm trying to, um, think of, um, what it would be like if I, um, had the, um ,situation so, um, I'm trying to get any possible receiver over to that team, I'm ,um, calling my general manager to see how many receivers I can donate to that, um, disaster. (If you don't watch the video, this paragraph just seems horrible)

Now that I'm done acting like, um, Kanye West (who can't speak without falling over his words) what else is going on with Titans?

They signed Jevon Kearse, and if "The Freak" is back at his old tricks, he is going to give the Titans a great pass rush that is going to scare people.

They drafted Chris Johnson to help the running game, and added Alge Crumpler to help give Vince Young something to throw to. (the equivalent of donating $10)

The defense should be big at helping and the offense needs to not lose the game, and Young needs to throw more TD's than INT's.

My Prediction

I think that this team is going to be about where it was last year, something like 9-7 or 10-6, but I don't they can do much better than that.

I'm Joe W.

Joe also writes for, a Chicago Cubs blog.