NFL Preview: Indianapolis Colts

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJune 28, 2008

The Colts are just two years removed from a Super Bowl and are holding a little better than the team they faced in that game.

They finished last season 13-3 but finished the season in disappointing fashion, losing to a Chargers team that was missing some key players when they drove down to win the game.

The Colts look to bounce back and go on another run and make it past those pesky Patriots that give them so much trouble.

Key Addition/Subtraction

Mike Pollak- Through the Draft

Ben Utecht- To the Bengals

Key Games

Sept. 21st, vs. Jaguars- The Jags are trying to prove that they are for real, beating them will show the public that you are still at the top and the Jags aren't quite ready yet.

Nov. 2nd, vs. Patriots- Always a great game between two of the best teams, this rivalry adds another chapter in Indy.

Nov. 23rd, at Chargers- The Chargers embarrassed the Colts in last years playoffs, it's payback time.

Dec. 28th, vs. Titans- With the strength of their division, this season could be anything but rapped up by the final week, the Titans are also looking for a playoff spot.

Season Outlook

The Colts are looking to prove that they aren't ready to start being perennial early round knock-outs.

The acquisition of Mike Hart in the sixth round could turn out to be the steal of the draft, and he was known for being great at holding on to the ball.

Marvin Harrison's case doesn't seem to be a distraction for the team, there hasn't been a major story about it in 11 days on

They face a consistently tough schedule, having 12 games against teams that finished last season with an 8-8 record or better.

However, they still have most parts of their offensive juggernaut in place, and Joseph Addai is getting better each year.

Their defense isn't the best in the NFL, but unlike before, they aren't going to lose any games with Bob Sanders patrolling the field.

My Prediction

The Colts are good, but their tough schedule means that they aren't a threat to repeat the Patriots accomplishments.

I would put them at 13-3, right where they finished last season.

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