New York Giants Top the NFL Preseason Top 10

Kyle BuntonCorrespondent IJuly 25, 2008

Hey ladies and gentlemen, thought I would come back from my month layoff of not writing and write my NFL preseason top 10.

I will be updating the top 10 every week and making sure it's accurate to me. So I present to you, my NFL preseason top 10.


1. New York Giants

Now, I know everybody is saying that the Patriots are the best team, but that's just on paper. They were the best team on paper last year also, if I remember, and I don't remember them winning the Super Bowl.

Until the Giants lose a game in the regular season, they are the ones to beat, because in case you guys forgot, they are the defending Super Bowl Champions.

Eli Manning showed us what he was capable of in the playoffs, and I expect him to show improvement this year. Brandon Jacobs is a tough runner that is hard to bring down, and Ahmad Bradshaw is a change-of-pace running back.

Their defense isn't going to be as dominant as it was last year in the playoffs, and the wide receivers are going to be about the same with Plaxico Burress coming back with a healthy ankle. Jeremy Shockey's departure is a loss because of his talent, but is an upgrade because of his attitude in the locker room.


2. New England Patriots

What a season last year, 16-0 in the regular season and then came up short at winning the Super Bowl. Sorry guys, 18-1 without a Super Bowl win is horrible.

I do believe they are probably going to have the best offense once again, with Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and Tom Brady, but their defense is going to be even older than last year, and they lost Asante Samuel, but drafted a beast of a linebacker in Jerod Mayo, who should be a breath of fresh air at the linebacker position.

They have the easiest schedule in football, and that should help with the defense not wearing out, but don't expect another 16-0 season.


3. San Diego Chargers

Man, this team is loaded with talent: LT, Shawn Merriman, Luis Castillo, Antonio Gates, Jamal Williams, Shaun Phillips, Antonio Cromartie, Quenten Jammer, and Mike Scifres. Now, with all that talent you would think they could make a Super Bowl run, but they haven't been able to.

Last year, the injury bug bit them where it hurt (LT, Rivers, and Gates). As long as they can stay healthy and have the electric defense they usually have, then I don't see why they can't make a Super Bowl run and maybe finally make it "Lights Out" for the critics.

They seem to know how to beat the Colts, but it's the Patriots they have to prove themselves against.


4. Dallas Cowboys

Now I know your saying Tony Homo or whatever nickname you have for Tony Romo, and I bet your also probably saying TO is a crybaby and is a jerk.

Well, I hate to break it to you guys, but TO is a freak of an athlete, no question about that. He does drop passes, but he catches a lot of TD passes, thanks in part to Tony Romo being his quarterback, oh and don't forget about Jason Witten, either.

Tony hasn't won a playoff game, but I see that changing this year. The team is better all around, and the offense is going to be the same or even better, with the addition of Felix Jones.

If Adam Jones is allowed to play again, he brings depth at cornerback and makes their special teams a threat. They added a stud of a  cornerback in the draft by drafting Mike Jenkins. They have the pieces to be the best team in the NFC this year.


5. Indianapolis Colts

The only reason they are this low is because of the health concerns for Peyton Manning (infected bursa sac), Marvin Harrison (legal issues and his bum knee), and Dwight Freeney (foot).

Manning and Freeney should be ready for the start of the regular season, with Manning probably coming back in the preseason. They will be like the Colts are every year: great offense and a solid defense (as long as Bob Sanders and Freeney are healthy). This might be the year that they lose the division crown to the Jacksonville Jaguars.


6. Jacksonville Jaguars

You had to know that last little bit about the Colts was going to lead to this. I really like the Jaguars' running game, stout defense, and solid quarterback play. David Garrard showed he can play a full season as a starter and produced good numbers.

The duo of Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor is one of the best two-running-back systems in the game, if not the best. They added some wide receivers to help Garrard, but to also alleviate the pressure on the ground game.

They added two pass-rushers via the draft, so they can get pressure on quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. They play aggressive D and have one of the best head coaches in the game. I really like the Jaguars' chances of winning the AFC South division this year, but I won't put them in front of the Colts until they beat them.


7. Pittsburgh Steelers

What a solid first year for Mike Tomlin. He showed he can coach with some of the best in the game. Big Ben had a big year last year, and expect even bigger numbers this year, with additions like Rashard Mendenhall and Limas Sweed. He still has Willie Parker, Hines Ward, and a wide receiver that I believe will break out this year, Santonio Holmes.

Their defense is shaky at times and is pretty much the same as last year. I expect them to be better, but not quite good enough to win the Super Bowl.


8. Green Bay Packers

Enough is enough about this whole Brett Favre coming out of retirement crap. Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback for this team right now. He is mobile and has a good arm, and is very accurate on slant throws (Dallas game from last year). They have a good defense, with cornerbacks that can shut down anybody except Plaxico Burress (Giants/Packers playoff game last year).

Ryan Grant was a surprise hit for the Pack and expect some of the same from him this year. They are deep at wide receiver, and that should help with the transition of Rodgers coming in as starting quarterback.


9. Seattle Seahawks

Mike Holmgren is in his last year and wants to go out with a bang. Well, I doubt they go out with a bang, but I do believe they will win their division and get to the playoffs. Matt Hasselbeck is a solid quarterback with some decent wide receivers. The ground game should improve with the addition of Julius Jones, but it shouldn't be a major upgrade.

The defense will be the same as last year, if not better, and they were already good last year. The team will rally behind Holmgren and try and get to the Super Bowl for him, but they just don't have the firepower.


10. Tie- Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, and Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings

Cleveland Browns: Derek Anderson showed that he was the right quarterback for the team and showed he can produce big numbers. Braylon Edwards is an All Pro wide receiver, Joshua Cribbs is the best return man not named Devin Hester, Jamal Lewis gets tough yards and is hard to stop around the goal line, and Kellen Winslow, if healthy is a great tight end.

The defense should be better than last year with additions like Shaun Rodgers and Corey Williams. I still believe, unless they prove me wrong, that they are second best to the Steelers.

New Oreleans Saints: Last year, they got hit by injuries and just couldn't produce on defense. That changes this year, with additions of Jon Vilma and Sedrick Ellis. The offense is high powered with Drew Brees under center. They are shaky at running back, but with the addition of Jeremy Shockey, they might not need to run the ball that much. I expect them to get back to where they were two years ago.

Philadelphia Eagles: Talk about a team getting looked over. If healthy, this team is a Wild Card threat, and maybe, if lucky, a division crown. Donavan McNabb is a very good quarterback, but is injury prone.

Brian Westbrook is what the offense revolves around. He is a running-and-catching threat. The one thing about this team I really like is its defense. They added All Pro cornerback Asante Samuel, and don't forget about hard-hitting safety Brian Dawkins. As long as they stay healthy, they can win some games.

Minnesota Vikings: This team is kind of confusing to me. The quarterback position is shaky, unless they somehow get Brett Favre.

Now, to the running-back position. Adrian Peterson is a freak, but is injury-prone and lacked some consistency last year. He had eight games where he didn't break 100 yards in a game. In those eight games, he rushed for a total of 388 yards, with one game where he rushed for only three.

In the six games where he broke 100 yards, he rushed for 953 yards. So he ran for most of his yards in those six games.

The Vikings added Bernard Berrian to help Tarvaris Jackson with a deep threat. Oh, and Chester Taylor is capable of being a starting running back for a bunch of teams, so if a team is going to give up something good for him, the Vikes will trade him.

Now to the defense. With the addition of Jared Allen, playing alongside Kevin and Pat Williams, the Vikes have one of the best defense lines, if not the best. The secondary can be shaky, but I expect it to do just fine. It's going to be hard for this team to win games with a shaky pass game, but we shall see.


Like I said guys, I will be updating this every week. I hope to see you guys every week right back here.


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