TNA Television Championship? Thoughts on Changing The Global Title

Bradley HicksContributor IJune 10, 2010

Recently, I wrote an article on the current status of TNA's global Championship. If you have seen it, you can check it out here:

I held a poll on said article, asking readers "What should be done with the TNA Global Championship". Well, a week after being posted, a result (of sorts) is in.

28.1% of voters said: Scrap altogether.
Let's think about that. TNA need a mid card belt. There is no denying this. I don't consider the X Div championship as a mid card belt, because that should be for the X Division only (which I might add needs some work in itself!). Taking away the Global title would be a monumental mistake, one that would be hard to rectify.
34.4% of voters said: Keep It. It needs time.
I spoke about time being the major factor in a title becoming a credible trophy for wrestlers to aspire to achieving. This seems what TNA will most likely do with this title. It seems they have been listening to some fans and giving the belts to wrestlers and leaving them with them., Giving them lengthy title reigns, something else that gives a title credibility.
37.5% of voters said: Keep It. Change the Name.
Not a convincing win, however combined, 71.9% of voters want to keep the title. I think having a World Championship and a Global Championship seems ludicrous. World and Global??? I am not sure there is any difference.

I was one of the voters that wants to keep the title, however change the name. I think this would be hard for TNA right now, as the fans, including the IWC, are getting sick of all the shake ups and changes that have no way of getting over, but this could be done with a great storyline behind it. Don't just change it one night on iMPACT! Have a slow build up, have the title be stolen of Terry by someone, who knows who and why. Build it up, then have someone (possibly Wolfe, Pope or Joe) beat Terry in a match, then have them claim to be the NEW, TNA TELEVISION CHAMPION!!!!

Imagine it, big Rob loses the title, in a non title match. His opponent (to be determined) would have repackaged the Global title into the Television Title, to be defended at every iMPACT! And what an impact that would be....

This would bring back a prestige to the World Heavyweight title, having to only defend it at PPV's instead of it being thrown around on the iMPACT! show. It would bring in some great story-lines, and a genuine stepping stone to push new blood with a belt,. to see how they handle being a champion.

Maybe it is just me, but I miss the Television Championship. I must admit, I was a massive ECW fan, not WWE's reincarnation, but the one run by none other than Paul Heyman. The TV Title was prestigious enough, and then you had the ECW World Heavyweight Championship on top of that!!! TNA could easily do the same thing, and repackage what I feel is a title that is needed, but needs changing first.