Slammiversary VIII: TNA's "Lights on Bright" Event: Predictions

Bradley HicksContributor IJune 9, 2010

Well, TNA's biggest PPV of the year, Slammiversary VIII is on this Sunday. There have been a couple of good storylines heading into this main event, and HOPEFULLY we can see a decent PPV on a company that is a shell of its former self. Lets look through the matches, and I will offer MY predictions.


Brother Ray vs Jesse Neal (Singles Match)

Analysis: An OK storyline. Tried and tested - The master vs the student. Jesse is not bad in the ring, and Bubba can still hold his own. Should be a solid start up match, as long as there is a clean finish - not a "Russo Finish"

Winner: Jesse Neal by pinfall (or Ray gets a DQ if Vince is feeling like his old self)

Look out for: Devon and Moore to play a big part in this match


Desmond Wolfe vs Abyss (w/ Chelsea) (Singles Match)

Analysis: Why TNA are bothering with this storyline is beyond me. Wolfe should be in he top card, not stuck in the lower mid card playing around fighting for a girl. I'll admit, she is worth fighting for, but Wolfe could and SHOULD be used a lot better. Abyss - as everyone has stated - should be a heel, and go back to being "The Monster" that he is. Both can be extremely destructive in the ring, but TNA viewers have not yet seen the best of Wolfe, and have not the monster version of Abyss since he started wearing white.

Winner: Desmond Wolfe - TNA cannot ignore the fans for much longer - He needs a push

Look out for: Hogan getting involved when Desmond attempts to take Chelsea back from Abyss


AJ Styles vs Jay Lethal (Singles Match)

Analysis: Has the potential to be the best match up of the PPV, if not the year in TNA. Both are great in the ring, Jay is underused and underrated in my opinion. I just hope Flair does not turn up and take his shirt off.

Winner: Although they are slowly pushing Lethal, we will see AJ win this match, turn on Flair and become the face we know he should be...

Look out for: Flair getting involved - And a  beat down when AJ turns on him. Also look out for Ric's son  joining the fray when his Dad is being beaten up by a newly face AJ


Kurt Angle vs Kazarian (Singles Match)

Analysis: I like the story they are using Kurt in. i am also glad they are saving these  matches for PPV's instead of wasting them on Impact!. Should be a solid wrestling match - both are excellent workers and can really pull this off

Winner: Kurt - by submission

Look out for: A solid worked, clean match


Jeff Hardy & Mr Anderson vs Beer Money Inc. (Tag team Match)

Analysis: I really like the pairing of Jeff & Anderson. I think they could really work well together. They can't match Roode and Storm for tag team coherency, but both Hardy and Anderson are well versed in tagging, obviously Hardy more so. Should be a good tag match.

Winners: Hardy & Anderson. I think they will pull it off, the crowd love them and a win at this level will cement them as real contenders. As I don't see them using Jeff in the WT picture until after his trial - now pushed out to July - I think they will use him and  Anderson to bolster the tag team division.

Look out for: Anderson cheating to win...


Madison Rayne (c) vs Roxxi (Singles Match for TNA Knockouts Championship)

Analysis: They are giving Roxxi a good push in the Knockouts division - trying to bring back some credibility to the women. Madison - despite what some would say - CAN wrestle. I think both of these Women could put on a decent match

Winner: Madison. I think they will put more heat on her before she drops the belt.

Look out for: Velvet and Lacey getting involved at the end of the match


The Band (c) vs Matt Morgan & TBA (Tag team Match for TNA World Tag Team Championships)

Analysis: The Band (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash) can no longer wrestle like they used to. Their bodies are too old and too broken to be holding belts. Matt Morgan and a Mystery partner (who I tip to be a returning Hernandez) will clearly be the better in ring workers in this match.

Winners: Morgan & Hernandez - I am still a bit unsure of this though as EY may join in the fray and the Band will lose via DQ, but keep the belts.

Look out for: EY getting The Band disqualified to keep the belts.


Douglas Williams (c) vs Brian Kendrick (Singles Match for TNA X Division Championship)

Analysis: No X Match, no differing match type of any kind??? Williams has generated a LOT of heat in turning the X Div into a pure wrestling division. Look for Kendrick to be full of high spots while Williams keeps it on the mat. Huge push for Kendrick...

Winner: Possibly Kendrick. I think an actual X Division wrestler needs the belt to bring back the X factor (pun intended) to this division. Once he wins, watch him drop it to an established TNA wrestler, but The X Division needs to go back to what it was. Here is TNA's chance to do that.

Look out for: Huge diffenerce of styles between the two men


Rob Van Dam (c) vs Sting (Singles Match for TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

Analysis: Well, the fans DID vote on who should be the number one contender, with Sting only receiving 2% of that vote. I really do not think he should be in this match, It should either be AJ (who I don;t mind not being in this match as him and Lethal should put on an  EXCELLENT show) or Samoa Joe. Joe is the one guy I would have in this match instead. Nevertheless, we have Sting vs RVD. Can;t see it being one for the ages.

Winner: RVD, either after a 5 Star Frog Splash, or Sting gets a DQ after bringing in his beloved baseball bat.

Look Out for: Sting's bat, Bischoff helping Sting, Hogan and Bischoff having a fight outside the ring etc etc....


It looks like an OK PPV, as far as they go this year. Nothing has been outstanding from TNA, or WWE for that matter, this year. I must say I am  disappointed that there is no King of the Mountain match. It would have been good to see RVD, Angle, Joe, Sting and AJ, or Morgan, or even Shelly and Sabin in there climbing the proverbial ladders of success.

But having said that, I think it should be OK. Only time will tell if it is as good as it could be, and if my predictions come true...


So Bleachers, what do you think? Am I on the money, or have I got it all wrong. Let me know.

Also, I would like some feedback on my writing. I have recently written a couple of other articles In would like some feedback on, please check them out:

Thanks for reading...


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