Brett Favre Could Immediately Contribute to Four Teams in the NFL

Kevin LuchanskyAnalyst IJuly 23, 2008

I'm sure everyone is tired of the whole Brett Favre "Am I retired?" saga. I know that I am.

Brett, and the Packers, who were unfortunately thrust into this position, now must make the decision of whether to keep Brett as a backup to his former understudy Aaron Rodgers or let their icon move elsewhere.

When it was first announced that Favre would make his retirement official, I was a bit skeptical. We are talking about a guy who left the Packers wondering after each season as to whether or not he would return to camp in late summer.

Then I saw the retirement speech: the tears, the choking, and the look on the old gunslinger's face.

It took me a few minutes to take it all in. After all, Brett was the last of the quarterbacks I grew up watching that was still taking snaps under center, and it hurt to see him go.

But the speech was believable, and I finally believed that Mr. Favre was all done.

Thanks to a text message from Brett, hinting that he would like to return, here I am in late July, tallying a list of teams that would benefit from a year or two of Favre.


1. Chicago Bears 

I'm not sure which fans, the Packer or Bears' faithful, hate to see Chicago at the top of the list more. After all, seeing Favre in Lambeau, wearing Navy and Orange would devastate the state of Wisconsin. And Chicago fans grew up hating No. 4, so would they ever welcome the man?

The Bears' options this year at quarterback are bad and worse, Grossman and Orton, respectively. While they still have questions about who will be running the ball this season, Favre would make this defensive-minded team immediately legitimate in the NFC North.


2. Miami Dolphins

This pick at No. 2 might surprise a few people, but it could really work well for both the Packers and Favre. Seeing Brett go to an AFC East team couldn't be all that bad, and the situation should be inviting for Brett.

While he wouldn't be playing for a contender, there is no question that Brett would win the starting role. This move could help the Dolphins in the long run, giving them time to develop the likes of 2008 draft pick Chad Henne.

I'm sure Henne wouldn't mind developing his game as an understudy from one of the game's all-time greats.


3. Atlanta Falcons

I know, I know, the Falcons do have Matt Ryan, and they apparently feel that he's worth the money—just take a look at his contract, one that tops Tom Brady's and Peyton Manning's.

You know what I say to that?


Ryan is in no way ready to lead a team in turmoil. Matt put up decent numbers in his career in a mediocre ACC. Somehow those numbers were deserving of the highest-paying contract for an NFL quarterback, one who has yet to take a snap, mind you.

Brett going to Atlanta would give him a chance to move closer to his family and win the starting job without question. Maybe seeing Brett play for the Falcons, the team he got his start with, would be easier to swallow for the Chesseheads.

4. Oakland Raiders

So, Raider Nation believes JaMarcus Russell is the quarterback of the future, and I agree. But, in my honest opinion, Russell isn't ready to lead an NFL team. In other words, the future isn't here yet for JaMarcus. The Raiders could run some interesting offensive schemes this season with the addition of Darren McFadden and Favre could give Russell the time he needs to develop.


So there it is, Mr. Favre. I say go "4" it.