Miami Dolphins Defensive End Jason Taylor To Washington For Future Picks.

Daniel SenerizCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2008

The youth movement in Miami is in full swing and Bill Parcells is doing it again.

According to several reports, Jason Taylor has been traded to the Washington Redskins for a second round pick in 2009 and a sixth round pick in 2010. 

Peanuts if you ask me.  But it really depends on who you talk to about it.

Certain fans will tell you it makes sense for Miami to get rid of the one time NFL Defensive Player of the Year. First off his salary of $7.5 Million will allow Miami to sign the second round pick, DE Philip Merling.  It was apparent that Taylor was only going to play one more year, and it became more apparent once Bill Parcells came aboard that that one year would not be in Miami. 

On the other hand, people may say that isn't enough for a player who puts up great numbers every year. J.T. has been a mainstay on the Miami defense since being selected in the third round in 1997.

Certain people will point to the fact that the Indianapolis Colts traded away future hall of famer Marshall Faulk to St. Louis in 1999 for second and fifth round picks. In case you forgot, St. Louis went on to win the Superbowl upon Marshall's arrival. 

But the Colts turned that into ILB Mike Peterson, and DE Brad Scioli. They were not necessarily Hall of Fame guys, but none the less solid players in their Colts tenure.

Washington made the move as a result of starting DE Philip Daniels being sidelined for the year with a left knee injury. With players such as Tony Romo, Superbowl MVP Eli Manning, and the ever elusive Donovan McNabb in their division, they needed a player like Jason Taylor at the DE spot.

Bill Parcells has made it clear that players that want to be there need to show it, and players that don't want to be there will be removed. This is a strong message for anyone on the current Miami roster. Jason Taylor was a Miami icon in his time in South Beach, but Parcells message is clear. No matter how many Pro Bowl's you go to, you're no more important than anyone else on the team.