A Crazy Ride of Basketball: Celts vs. Cavs

Angie MeyerContributor IIMay 12, 2010
The 2010 match-up of the regional semi-finals have been super duper lack-luster to say the least. With teams swifter sweeping their opponents under rugs quicker then Mr. Clean, we'd say this playoff carnival has been rather sleepy in the land of basketball. Like a sweet Ferris Wheel going round and round, fun for spectating, but edge of your seat? Hardly.
Well, suffice to say, that's all true, until Cleveland and Boston collide like sparkly bumper cars on the hardwood.
Celtics vs. Cavs. Easily the best match-up thus far in the 2010 playoff showdown. With two teams who could easily be crowned NBA champions, this collision of talent heats up the court to a whole 'nother level. The intensity of league MVP, Lebron James vs. hotshot guard Rajon Rondo will keep us shakin in our manolos. Did you ever want to know what pro basketball was all about? Watch this.
Eastern Conference Semi-Regional Playoff:
Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
Boston Celtics - First Place in Atlantic Conference, Eastern Region
Celtic Green, Black and White
General Manager: Robert McGloughlin
Conference: Atlantic, Eastern Region
Last Game: Sun, May 9 vs. Cleveland, Win 97-87
Next Game: Thu, May 13 vs. Cleveland, 8:00 pm (est)
Series Record: Series tied (2-2)
Season Record: 50-32
Coach: Glenn "Doc" Rivers
Notable Play-makers: Rajon Rondo (guard), Paul Pierce (guard/forward), Kendrick Perkins (center), Ray Allen (guard), Kevin Garnett (power forward)
Founded: 1946
Championships: 17 Conference Titles: 20 Division Titles: 28
Their Home: TD Garden
Celtics Trivia: The Celts have won 17 NBA Championships, making them the most-winning franchise in all the NBA. They dominated basketball most heavily during the 1960's, earning 11 championships in 13 years, of which 8 of them were in a row. They continue to dominate the league, and are poised for another strong run into the finals, of course, unless the Cav's have anything to say about it...
Cleveland Cavaliers - First Place in Central Conference, Eastern Region:
Wine, Navy, White, Gold
General Manager: Danny Ferry
Conference: Central
Last Game: Sun, May 9 vs. Boston, Loss 87-97
Next Game: Thu, May 13 vs. Boston, 8:00 pm (est)
Series Record: Series Tied (2-2)
Season Record: 61-21
Coach: Mike Brown
Notable Play-makers: LeBron James (Forward), Anderson Varejao (Forward/Center), Zydrunas Ilgauskas (Center), Mo Williams (Guard)
Founded: 1970
Championships: 0 Conference Titles: 1 Division Titles: 3
Conference Titles: Division Titles:
Their Home: Quicken Loans Arena
Cavs Trivia Fact: Ted Stepien, the franchise owner of the Cavaliers from 1980-1983, proposed to rename the team "Ohio Cavaliers" in order to play games in both Cincinnati and Cleveland to expand into non-Ohio markets. He was later panned and ridiculed by media and fans for introducing a Cleveland Cavaliers fight song - that was in a polka flavor. Can you imagine LeBron Games walking out onto the court with polka music in the background? Thankfully for the Cavaliers, Stepien's tenure was only three years.
Again, this game marks the top series currently happening in NBA playoffs. If any game is worth watching, it's Thursday. Pick your team, pick your players, and pick your fabulous poison. It's going to be an awesome night of basketball thrills, chills, and spills, so step right up.
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