Raider Nation Invites Outside Criticism

Keilyn EllisCorrespondent IApril 30, 2010

ALAMEDA, CA - SEPTEMBER 30:  Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis speaks during a press conference to announce the firing of head coach Lane Kiffin of the Oakland Raiders at the thier training facility on Septemer 30, 2008 in Alameda, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

When the Black Panther Party of self defense united in Oakland California during the 1960's to protect the Black community from police brutality, the FBI instituted a program called cointelpro (espn) designed to discredit, divide, and destroy the name of the Black Panther Party labeling them "racists" and personally attacking their leaders so that the Party would turn on itself.


Many so called "Raider Fans" often incite division with their relentless criticisms their starting QB, then attempt to get angry when other people join in. Remember, you blew your trumpet first in this band of hate!


I think it is laughable when Oakland Raider "fans" Boo JaMarcus Russell at home, then wonder why he can go on the road(minus the booing, of course) and proceed to whoop ass on the used-to-be public enemy number one in the Denver Donkies. Maybe there is less pressure at road games?


The idea that a QB can be labeled a "bust" after three years, one of which he never played, the second where he actually did quite well for a rookie, and the third in which he sucked without his best receiver and the worst playcaller in the history of athletic endeavor in coach Tom Cable.


I mean, I could be the best QB in the world. But if my dumb ass head coach is calling deep outs knowing the opposing D has been running a weak ass Zone ALL EFFIN  DAY, what the hell am I supposed to do? You think the Redskins knew the Raiders were going to pass in route to their 37 sacks of JaMarcus?


Anyway, I got off point. The point is: If you are a "Raider Fan" stop bashing JaMarcus in public. We get it. You hate his lazy, fat guts. So does ESPN. When you start to concur with the evil empire, there is a problem. Can you guys talk about the defense?, which should be outstanding. Or the fact that the Raiders might be able to run the ball to take pressure off the QB, whoever it may be, now that Hue Jackson will be calling plays in lieu of Curly?(Knyuck Knyuck Knyuck)


I know I'm contadicting myself in all of this in my blatant distaste for Tom "Basic" Cable. But I think he is very cowardly by attempting to blame the entire season on one Effin player. He actually fueled that fire of hatred which continues to consume the Raiders. And if he really believed JR sucked so bad, why couldn't he run the ball??? Hmmm? The Raiders had three excellent running backs, and all of them sucked under Cable. Where is his criticism?