Jamarcus Russell Will Not Be Cut, He Will Be GREAT!

Solomon IIContributor IApril 28, 2010


  Jamarcus Russell, former #1 overall will be GREAT!  SAY WHAT?  I know, this article is positive for Jamarcus as Ricky Williams for Marijuana.

  With the new O-Line and better WRs Jamarcus will not only beat out Campbell for the starting job but he WILL lead the Oakland Raiders to the playoffs.  Gradkowski?  Come on now, when he replaced Jamarcus is when Chaz Schilens (best WR on the team) returned from injury.

  Jake Delhomme is much more terrible than Jamarcus and you'll see it in Cleveland when he doesn't have Steve Smith, Muhammed and a power run game to make him look good.  If, and I mean IF Jamarcus gets cut, he'll end up in Cincinnati (like we didn't see that one coming) and if Jamarcus has weapons like Carson Palmer has, he'll at the very least look like Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  I say this with extreme confidence:  If you put Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Donavan McNabb, Tom Brady, Tony Romo or Brett Farve on the same teams Jamarcus has had, they would only be good for one more win per season than Jamarcus.  Actually they would've begged to be traded and have never shown up.  Like a true professional Jamarcus Russell goes into camp and keeps trying to make himself and his team better.  Jamarcus is no bust at all, he's been in a bad situation and if he stays in Oakland this year in which he has a legitimate divisional contender, he will prove he's worth every cent of that $60,000,000, a mere half of Albert Haynesworth.

  I think the truth is Jamarcus Russell is just like any other man.  He needs something that every man on the planet and especially any down home southern boy needs.  It's not another QB Coach or offensive coordinator or a scheme change.  Jamarcus Russell merely needs a good Mrs. Russell (and not his mom) to whip his ass into shape.

EDIT (ADD ON) Jamarcus Russell as with any QB needs a good Center.  Al and Tom should've did what they knew was right and drafted Alex Mack.  Sure it's a high for a Center, but I don't care if it's the #1 overall choice.  If you can get a guy at any position that will be considered #1 in the league position-wise, you take him.  That includes LG, RG, RT and FB.   Considering the monstrous rookie contracts getting doled out nowadays, it would be financially responsible as well.  Plus if Jamarcus can't read blitzes, a great Center (Mawae is a free agent) would do it for him.

  Truth be told Jamarcus Russell won't make your any team much better, but as he showed at LSU he and Oakland, he won't make the team worse either.  He's currently one of those guys that will be as good as the talent that surrounds him.  Maybe that's not what people want from a QB, but that's what Rich Gannon was to the Raiders.  A guy that was only as good as the talent surrounding him.

  I'm in the mood for some Kerry Collins bashing.  At least he had some seriously talented WRs when he was in Oakland.  That's the kind of guy that makes your team worse.  He made Oakland worse and he made Tennessee worse.  The Tennessee Titans probably would've made the Superbowl and even win it if Kerry Collins wasn't their QB.  You want proof?  Vince Young comes in, Vince Young goes on winning streak.  No injuries, same team, same players, one change at QB.  

  Truth is if, IF Jason Campbell opens the season as the starter then Jamarcus never really had a chance at running this offense.  Everyone was injured to begin last season, plus they were playing carousel with the O Line.  Only if Jamarcus starts, plays poorly, then Campbell comes in and plays extremely well can you say Jamarcus is just horrible.  Until then, Jamarcus Russell is the starting QB on the Oakland Raiders depth chart.

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