Bruce MiltonContributor IApril 24, 2010

ASHBURN, VA - MAY 1:  Albert Haynesworth #92 of the Washington Redskins walks off the field after minicamp on May 1, 2009 at Redskins Park in Ashurn, Virginia.   (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

    There has been all of this talk recently about trading Albert Haynesworth to this team, that team and frankly I am sick of it.  In my opinion this guy is irreplaceable.  He is the rare diamond in the rough that you keep in spite of its flaws.  Dust it off, polish it and put this diamond on display for all of the world to exhibit.  Returning Redskins players know that with Haynesworth on the field their job becomes easier.  Just ask Orakpo, Carter , Daniels and Fletcher.  If the defense is going to be more aggressive this year the Redskins better keep Haynesworth if they expect to become an elite defense.  Just being a top 10 defense is not enough.  Washington can become a feared defense if Haslett uses Haynesworth properly.

     Haynesworth mentioned weeks ago that he doesn't want to play nose tackle but admitted that he will play wherever they wanted him to. He met with Shanahan on the first day of voluntary workouts and stated that he would be working out on his own. When Sean Taylor and Clinton Portis didn't attend voluntary workouts under Joe Gibb's nobody was hollering about trading them. Haynesworth admitted that he was out of shape last year and vowed that he will be in the shape that would make him the most dominant force on the football field. When Haynesworth was on the field he was dominant.  And he was out of shape!  What can we expect when he is in shape?  WOW!!!!   Shanahan would be an absolute fool to trade Haynesworth.  It's one thing to expect the players to trust the head coach.  But sometimes the head coach has to trust the player.

      Maybe Shanahan should reflect back on what got him fired in Denver and realize that he is not GOD or Bill Belichick. Learn to tweak the system to fit your players.  Especially the elite player.  Find a way to use a player with such 'off the chart' abilities. Most great teams have a few strong personality players.  Most notably on defense.  The Redskins defense may be good w/o Haynesworth, but they can be dominant with him. Don't handcuff the man like Gregg Williams handcuffed LaVar Arrington. You must put your 'playmakers' in a position to make plays. Ray Lewis threatened to leave the Ravens years ago when they considered changing their defensive philosophy. The new defense would have limited his ability to make game changing plays. Well the rest is well documented.  Ray is still in Baltimore making plays and the defense never changed.  Haynesworth is not asking the Redskins to change their defensive philosophy.  He's asking the coaches to not 'handcuff him'.

     Take a lesson from former Cowboy coach Jimmy Johnson who said that you don't treat all players the same.  When asked to explain Johnson stated that 'when the 45th man on the roster falls asleep at a meeting you cut him.  When Troy Aikman falls asleep in a meeting you find a way to keep him awake'.  Each player is an individual and the head coach must learn how to interact with these different personalities. Gibbs knew how to deal with Riggo.  Belichick knew how to deal with Corey Dillon and Randy Moss.   So Shanahan, get off your high horse, take a lesson in 'personality psychology 101', and ride Haynesworth all the way to the playoffs.