2010 NFL Draft: Why the Washington Redskins Should Consider Dez Bryant

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistApril 19, 2010

It's safe to say at this point in time Dez Bryant will have no trouble finding a home in 2010. 

With wide receiver demand a priority for many teams heading into next week, Dez Bryant is among the top contenders to be taken sooner rather than later in the draft, and given his overall talent and ability, he looks to make an impact in the NFL next season.

Right now, Bryant has possibly been one of the most speculated rookies in the draft.

After recently writing an article claiming that Bryant would be a good fit for the Denver Broncos, I was barraged with a range of comments from Broncos fans stating that Bryant is a wide receiver they would not like to have, and instead would rather stay away from yet another controversial wide receiver and move forward with their ever-so-promising team.

Therefore, this leaves all other 31 teams in the league in contention.  There's no doubt in anybody's mind that Bryant is a wide receiver teams would love to have, so where will the promising wide receiver land come draft day? 

It's no easy prediction, but I can safely say that the Washington Redskins would be a picture-perfect fit for this prolific wide receiver.

The Redskins possibly have one of the better picks in the NFL Draft.  With the number four spot, this allows Washington to watch what happens early with the St. Louis Rams and Detroit Lions, and to also possibly catch any player that may slip through the net a little.

Looking at the Redskins, there is one position that they lack a lot of depth in, and it is the wide receiver position. 

Recently the Redskins have spent time interviewing former Oakland Raiders wide receiver Jerry Porter, and although this move may seem intriguing to some, I fail to see how a 10-year veteran of the NFL benefits the Redskins new and young looking side.

For those reading this and saying, "What is wrong with the other Redskins receivers?" Well, the sad and often untold truth is that there really aren't any.

Antwaan Randle El is now in Pittsburgh, and this leaves a ton of pressure on sometimes-unreliable receiver Santana Moss, who is averaging good numbers, but drawing to the later years of his career.

So with this said, a Dez Bryant draft pick makes all the more sense.  He's quick, strong, and has sticky hands that can pluck the ball from seemingly anywhere on the field, which suits either Jason Campbell or Donovan McNabb depending on who Mike Shanahan decides to start. 

Another plain and simple factor is that the Redskins, like the Denver Broncos, lack a number one wide receiver.  For the matter of comparison, both offenses struggle to post points at time, and both offenses have a mix of good and bad players that make up their offensive roster.

Skill-wise, Bryant's efforts on the field are well recorded.  His route running is above par, and the fact that he can provide a play after the catch only adds to his credibility.

The NFL is a league that is constantly seeking out "all-around" athletes that can score from anywhere on the field. 

Does Bryant fall into this category?  Definitely.  The only concern is his discipline and immaturity that often pops up at times.

So how about it Washington? Will you take on the now-labelled "prima donna player" and give him a chance?  It may pay off for your franchise, and may also provide some much needed touchdowns in an ever so tough NFC East division.

Bryant is a projected high-round draft pick, so expect Washington to be keeping their finger on the button when his name pops up next Thursday. 

"With the fourth pick in the NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select Dez Bryant wide receiver, Oklahoma State," is a statement we could be hearing. 

Is it one Redskins fans want to hear?  You tell me, but keep in mind what Dez can do for the Skins.