How to Get Rid of Shaun Rogers

Mark GoodmanContributor IApril 12, 2010

DENVER - SEPTEMBER 20:  Defensive lineman Shaun Rogers #92 of the Cleveland Browns prepares to rush quarterback Kyle Orton #8 against center Casey Wiegmann #62 of the Denver Broncos during NFL action at Invesco Field at Mile High on September 20, 2009 in Denver, Colorado. The Broncos defeated the Browns 27-6.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

A few months ago I made the suggestion that the Browns should trade Shaun Rogers and I got quite a bit of flack about "trading the best defensive lineman in the league".  Now that Rogers has been arrested for felony gun possession, it seems like it is only a matter of time before he is suspended by the league for conduct.  However, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for Cleveland.

With the recent trade of Santonio Holmes during an impending suspension, it leaves the door open for the Browns to do the same thing.  Cleveland may also have the upper hand in a few trade possibilities come draft day. 

The idea of cutting Rogers and letting him go for nothing shouldn't creep into anyone's mind and it won't happen with the Browns new front office.  That leaves a few options for Cleveland; move up, get a couple more picks, or stay put and get a pick and a player.

Trading Rogers with the intent to move up would be an interesting endeavor.  Primarily due to the other teams looking to move around if they don't get a sought-after player.

Moving Up

  • #1 - St. Louis - The Rams are in a position to demand quite a bit for the rights to Sam Bradford (whom they will supposedly take with the first pick).  Many rumors have the price tag for Cleveland set at around four to five draft picks.  Much to steep in my opinion to go after a QB that ruined his shoulder before entering the draft).  Granted, that is also what people thought would happen to a certain Saints QB as well.
  • #2 - Detroit Lions - Rogers made a point that he still has a license to carry his gun in Michigan.  Maybe he should go back.  On a serious note, I doubt this would happen, strictly because they were willing to get rid of him before and when they can get Suh or Gerald McCoy there is no reason to go after a 31-year-old felon.
  • #3 - Tampa Bay - Once again, like Detroit, they have no reason when they can get one of the previously mentioned players (Suh or McCoy)
  • #4 - Washington - They are trying to get rid of Albert Haynesworth and it wouldn't be too far fetched for the Browns to trade a Pro Bowler for a Pro Bowler in this case.  Although, it would involve a lot of stupidity on the part of the Redskins to trade for a guy who might not see the field in 2010.  This probably won't happen—at least with Rogers involved.
  • #5 - Kansas City - They are pretty much in the same position as the Browns.  So many holes to fill, but Shaun Rogers might plug up enough holes for the Browns to move up and get a couple picks in the process.  If Cleveland made this trade it wouldn't be too crazy to see them try to get the #5 and #36 for Rogers, #7, and #38.  This would help move the Browns ahead of the Eagles in the second round and the Chiefs would have gained a huge talent and only lost a couple spots in the draft.  I believe the Chiefs would even try to ship off Matt Cassel in the process so they could pick up Jimmy Clausen.
  • #6 - Seattle - The Seahawks have two first round picks in 2010 and it wouldn't surprise me if they use one of those picks to get a star player and/or more picks.  If the Browns wanted to move up and take Seattle's sixth pick it would have to be in order to take a QB they fear the Seahawks would take, both teams are in need to build for the future at more than one position and it may be a gamble to move up because Seattle could take any number of players at #6 but if the Browns want to get rid of Rogers, it wouldn't be too much to consider.

Moving Down

  • Cleveland did this last year and ended up getting what many consider to be a franchise center in Alex Mack.  I don't see Holmgren moving down twice this year, but he might try to get out of the top 10 in order to save money and get more picks.  In this case, trading Rogers would serve the Browns extremely well if they can get a team to bite.
  • #8 - Oakland - While this isn't out of the top-10 (obviously) the Browns could send Rogers away for #8 and #39 and/or possibly a role-player, I still like Darren McFadden, #8 and #69 for Rogers and #7.  The Browns need a franchise running-back and the Raiders are known to make strange decisions during the draft.
  • Any other trade would most likely involve the Browns giving up Rogers and #7 in exchange for a pick between 10 and 20 with a second round or two later round picks.

Staying Put

  • This brings to question what Rogers is worth in later round picks.  There is no way any team will give a first rounder for him, so strike that from your mind.  Will he go for a mid-second round pick?  New England has #47 and #53 but they also franchised Wilfork in the offseason.  So, the need doesn't match Cleveland's want in this case.
  • There are so many possibilities with Rogers for later draft picks that the theories are too numerous to start listing.  Although, we might try in the comments.