Oakland Raiders 2010 NFL Draft

Grant BartoloContributor IApril 6, 2010

With the 8th overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select MLB Rolando MCClain, Alabama


Scouting Report:

Read & React: Excellent key-and-diagnose skills. Identifies the play quickly and has little to no wasted motion in getting to the action. Rarely fooled by misdirection. Recognizes screens quickly and attacks before linemen have a chance to set up blocks. Dedicated and he has to be kicked out of the film room.


Run defense: Prototypical size and strength for inside linebacker. Instinctive. Takes good angles to the ball. Good vision and balance to flow through the trash. Great strength in his hands to stack and shed blockers. Tall enough to locate the ballcarrier while being blocked and can forcefully toss the blocker to the side to make the play. Has good, not great speed lateral and straight-line speed to the sideline. Faster on the field than in workouts because of his instincts.


Pass defense: Gains good depth in his drops, but is stiff and struggles a bit changing direction to stay with receivers in man coverage. Alert in zone and shows good route recognition. Closes on the ball quickly. Long arms and quick hands to slap away the pass as it arrives. At least adequate ball skills (five career INTs).


Tackling: True thumper that can be an intimidating force in the middle. Classic hit-lift-drive tackler with the strength to knock the ballcarrier off his feet with the long arms to wrap around for the secure stop. Breaks down well in space to make the sure stop against smaller, quicker ballcarriers. Good hustle laterally, though he can give up too easily in pursuit downfield.


Pass Rush/Blitz: Great size and closing speed but he isn't there yet. Times his blitz well and gets skinny to get through the line of scrimmage. Doesn't show enough hand technique to disengage as a pass rusher. Relies on his bull rush to push the pocket and is strong enough for this to be effective. Savvy enough to get his hands up in the passing lanes when he can't get to the quarterback in time.


Intangibles: Described as a film junkie and defensive coordinator on the field. Is characterized as not only knowing his assignment on every defensive call, but also the job of every defensive teammate. Incredibly competitive. Never missed a game at Alabama. Voted a team captain in 2009 as a junior.


Bottom Line:  This is the best MLB to come out IN YEARS! He will ctuff the run, and he is the thumper we haven't had forever! He is very intelligent, and has a great work ethic. This is a Tom Cable type football player with high IQ for the game. He also has decent speed. This is a great pick by the Raiders!


In the 2nd round, from the pick aquired in the trade with Philadelphia, the Oakland Raiders select LT Bruce Campbell, Maryland


Scouting Report:

Pass blocking: Sets quickly with good knee bend. Comes out to meet his man with a strong punch instead of catching him. Uses his length to lock up most defensive ends before they get started on their outside move. When focused, he can move laterally with his man and keep him covered up. Resets his hands after initial contact. Adjusts well to tackle-end twists. His height can be a detriment against strong but small ends, who get under his pads and push him into the backfield. He manages to anchor eventually, though. Lacks recovery speed and will get lazy moving his feet against a hustling end with counter pass rush moves. Uses an armbar to prevent inside rush when beat.


Run blocking: Locks onto his man after firing off the snap. Seals the edge well and can turn his man out of the hole. Lunges as a power drive blocker, however, often losing his balance and missing his target. A work in progress in this area.


Pulling/trapping: Mobile enough to get out in front of quick screens and off-tackle runs. Must improve his effectiveness as a cut blocker, often failing to even reach the ground. Throws his body towards a defender instead of locking on and sustaining.


Initial Quickness: Run blocks and pass protects out of a three-point stance. Fair quickness off the snap, generally getting a good angle on his kick slide and initial pop on run blocks. He will get off late at times and not get set, allowing his man to get him on skates.


Downfield: Agile enough to get into space, and knows how to get the correct angle at the second level. Tough to get away from once latched on, but has trouble adjusting to safeties and linebackers because they get by him with quickness. Could hustle a bit more to reach a second target.


Intangibles: Adequate competitor who will put a defender on the ground when possible, but scouts have questions about durability and intelligence. Only started 17 games before leaving school. Dealt with injury issues as a senior.


NFL Comparison: Alex Barron, St. Louis Rams


Bottom Line: Al got his man! This man is 6'6 and 315, and he ran a 4.75 40!!! He is a good pass blocker, also, which we need. He will start at RT, and compete with Henderson for playing time! He is a workout warrior, and he jsut looks like a manchild. This was a great pick by Al and the Raiders!!!


In the 3rd Round, from the pick aquired in the trade with the Cleveland Browns, the Oakland Raiders select NT Torrel Troup, UCF


Scouting Report:

Pass rush: Bull rusher who often pushes his man (or a double-team when fresh) to collapse the pocket using leverage. Able to rip off blocks, punch and swim over the top, or even get under the arm of guards to pressure the quarterback if he hangs onto the ball too long. Limited burst; will provide some heat but not many sacks. Sits on many obvious passing situations.


Run defense: Stands his ground against single and double blocks using his girth and strength, although he lacks the quickness to split the double. Can be violent with hands to free himself. Able to sift through trash inside to get to ballcarrier. Moves laterally while engaged to stay in the play. Needs improvement avoiding and recovering from cut blocks.


Explosion: Quick and powerful off the snap, penetrating easily against man-up blocks. Good balance after initial contact, keeping pads low and moving forward. Loses steam coming off the ball throughout the game.


Strength: Very strong player; prime nose tackle candidate. Uses a low center of gravity and thick upper body to gain leverage. Able to stack his man and disengage to chase the quarterback or wrap up ballcarriers.


Tackling: Has length and upper-body strength to bring down most any player in his immediate area. Willing to chase down players but lacks burst to track them down from behind without help or consistently make tackles outside the box. Doesn't change directions easily, and can be eluded in space. Must keep his feet moving instead of relying on his strength to make arm tackles.


Intangibles: Hard-working, unselfish leader with a quiet sensibility. Consistently gives good effort inside whether rushing the passer or stopping the run. No major character issues. Worked off 30 pound of weight during his career to gain stamina, although he still carries extra around his midsection.


Bottom line: The Raiders have revamped their D Line, and stocked up for the future. Troup is a hardworker, and a Tom Cable type football player. He is a run stopper, and will be a good NT one day. He provides depth on the D Line. A good value pick for the Raiders.  They were also considering NT Cam Thomas, but Cable persuaded al to get Troup, and it worked out!


In the 5th Round, the Oakland Raiders select C Eric Olsen, Notre Dame


Scouting Report:

Pass blocking: Strong anchor and good knee bend. Can mirror after initial contact against tackles. Likes to punch defenders when helping guards, knocking them to the ground at times. Keeps his man on the ground once he falls. Struggles with quickness and recovery, reaching and bending at the waist to pick up late blitzers and twists. Accurate shotgun snap with his head up facing the line. Sells run block fake on bootlegs.


Run blocking: Good drive blocker who pushes his man downfield. Keeps feet moving after first contact but will overextend and lacks flexibility to sustain against slippery quicker defenders. Also strong enough to turn his man out of the hole. Stays on first block too long at times, allowing linebackers to penetrate before he can get to them.


Pulling/trapping: Foot speed and change of direction abilities are not elite and has a bit of extra weight in the middle, but gives good effort to get around the line when pulling or trapping in front of run plays. Best when hitting stationery targets; will miss adjusting to oncoming defenders.


Initial Quickness: Gets hands up quickly into his man's jersey after the snap, even when man-up against nose tackles. Good initial punch, but it's not enough to knock his man back.


Downfield: A bit heavy-footed moving to the linebackers, but almost always finds a target to hit. Will go after two, three or four players downfield, playing through the whistle. Effective cut blocker downfield.


Intangibles: Charlie Weis called Olsen the line's "heart and soul." Durable lineman who fights through pain. Smart enough to make line calls. Plays with a nasty streak - knows his toughest opponent and goes after him all game long.


Bottom Line: Olsen gives us depth at C. He has a mean streak, and, coming from Notre Dame, he must have football IQ. He is a tom Cable type player, and will give us much needed depth on the O Line. Good pick by the Raiders!


In the 5th Round, the Oakland Raiders select RG Brandon Carter, TTU


Scouting Report:

Pass blocking: Strong pass protector who sets quickly, delivers a strong punch, and plays with a wide base. Excellent anchor, rarely gets pushed into the pocket. Will reach to chip both the nose and defensive end if no one lines up against him. Tech employs very wide splits, should be even more effective in pass pro in tight spaces because his recovery speed and lateral footwork is limited. Adept at picking up twists. Quick throws in the offense mask his inability to handle secondary rushes after initial contact.


Run blocking: Latches onto his man on run blocks and does not let go. Able to turn his man out of the hole and use a defender's momentum to take him out of the play. Knows his angles to create holes inside. Rarely loses ground when run blocking, but is a bit underwhelming as a drive blocker -- partially because of his lack of experience in a three-point stance. Does not move his feet well enough to effectively zone block. Lunges too often to reach his man from his deep stance, bending at the waist and losing his balance. Slow to cut block, but gets good contact and is tough to get around.


Pulling/trapping: Lumbers a bit when trapping but usually hits a target using his long arms. Can adjust to defenders coming from inside. Usually lined up well off the line, however, giving him an extra step (which he needs) when on the move. Lacks the foot quickness to be effective blocking outside of the tackles.


Initial Quickness: Fair quickness off the snap in pass set. In the rare situations where he lines up with a hand on the ground, Carter's get off is only adequate. Better than expected getting to the linebackers when called upon.


Downfield: Surprisingly flexible for his size. Takes good angles and is able to adjust quickly enough to incoming defenders to get a hand on them, which is often enough because of his length and strength, but lacks the footwork to mirror and sustain. Usually hits only one target in space, doesn't often hustle downfield to get the extra block.


Intangibles: Team captain who is very competitive on and off the field. Plays through the whistle, comes to the aid of his teammates and cleans up piles, if needed. Suspended and stripped of his team captaincy for one game in 2009 for violating team rules. Has a nasty mean streak.


Bottom line; carter has great size, and is one of the big uglies that will revamp our O line. He is a good run blocker, and has a mean streak. He will add much needed depth, and might start. Good move Oakland! 


In the 7th round of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select David Pender CB, Purdue


Scouting Report:

Read & React: Does not have great instincts at the position, relying on his size and speed to make plays. Late reading receiver routes and their eyes when the ball is coming. Inconsistent acknowledging run plays or screens, many times is the last guy in a pile. Does not feel wide receiver blocks.


Man Coverage: Tall corner who plays that way at times when transitioning, but manages to stay with receivers when playing near the line. Doesn't get his hands on his man often enough but stays in contact downfield to prevent separation. Wins jump-ball situations with his height and length.


Zone Coverage: Best in man coverage when he maintains contact with the receiver. High and stiff in his backpedal and marginal changing directions after transition. Takes time to close on plays in front of him. Gives up too much cushion when playing off, is not aware of first down markers.


Closing/Recovery: If facing the quarterback, he locates the ball well and is able to make a play. Inconsistent looking for the ball in tight coverage, however, even when the receiver has obviously tipped off the oncoming throw. Will draw a lot of pass interference flags unless he improves. Does not plant and drive quickly in soft coverage, takes poor angles to the ball allowing yards after the catch.


Run Support: Willing to attack ballcarriers in the flat if not reached by a receiver, takes the correct angle to force plays inside. Takes on receiver blocks, extending his arms to keep space, but is not enough strength to get off immediately. Typically catches-and-drags more than explodes into the receiver.


Tackling: Has the length and wiry strength to secure tackles on his receiver, although he bounces off bigger players because of poor technique. Does not break down or bring/sink hips to form-tackle on the outside. Gets caught flat-footed when meeting a ballcarrier in space. Gets cut on the edge too easily, does not recover quickly enough to make a play.


Intangibles: Soft-spoken but confident corner. No major character concerns. Had foot surgery between freshman and sophomore seasons.


Bottom line: Pender has good size and speed; he is 6'0, 180, and ran a 4.37 40. He is a smart player who is good in man coverage. If we got Holland as a CB, then you know we got no depth! But yeah, Pender gives us much needed depth at the CB spot. He could be a nickel CB. Good pick by the Raiders!


In the 7th Round, the Oakland Raiders select FB Jameson Konz, Kent State


Bottom Line: He is intelligent, a tom cable type player. Bulit like a LB, Konz has a 4.38 40 time!!! This pick will give us FB depth, and perhaps more. He played WR also, so her is versatile. Good late round pick by al and the Oakland Raiders!


2010 Oakland Raiders 8-8!!! Gimme feedback much appreciated!!!


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