2010 Oakland Raiders 8-8

Grant BartoloContributor IApril 5, 2010

You know Raider Nation, I have been silent for months, just hearing what other people have had to say here at Bleacher Report, and with that, I have published my own mock draft, done through my extensive research.We showed good progress this season, beating some playoff teams. Now, all we have to do is beat the sucky teams. On a positive note, we have some consistency; guys, we have started the offseason on a good note, keeping Tom Cable as our head coach, and bringing in Hue Jackson as our OC to turn around DHB's, DMAC's and JMR's careers. We should expect to be much better next season. With that, I predict we will go 8-8. Now, for my evaluation of the team, and my trades and free agent signings (mock draft will come later)


Philadelphia Eagles sign OLB Thomas Howard, Oakland Raiders get 2nd Round Pick in the 2010 NFL Draft 

Cleveland Browns Sign OLB Kirk Morrison, Oakland Raiders get 3rd Round Pick in the 2010 NFL Draft

Bottom Line: Sorry Law firm, you guys were my favorite Raiders, but you guys can't stop the run! So, we got draft picks to help bolster both lines. With Kamerion Wimbley, Howard became expendable. With Rolando McClain, Kirk Morrison became expendable....I wish you guys well!



Baltimore Ravens Get:

2nd round Pick


Oakland Raiders Get:

LT Jared Gaither

Bottom Line: Finally, a franchise LT who can shore up Oakland's porous O Line. He is 6'9 and 340, and he will be one of the big uglies that will help the Raiders return to prominence. He is a great value, and will help protect Campbell. Our running game will also improve, as he will help open running lanes. he is young, and will be our franchise LT for years to come. 



Washington Redskins Get: 

4th Round Pick


Oakland Raiders Get:

QB Jason Campbell

Bottom Line: Finally, a franchise QB. Now that he has he tools, he will show what JaMarcus could have been. He had a big arm, AND a good work ethic. With this, we will cut JaMarcus, only if the overweight rumors are true. A great trade by Al Davis!



Washington Redskins Get:

DT Tommy Kelly

3rd Round Pick


Oakland Raiders Get:

NT Albert Haynesworth

Bottom Line: Finally, a franchise NT. Haynesworth was disgruntled in Washington, and he now gets the chance to thrive as a 4-3 NT. He now will show what tommy Kelly could of been. He is also a Pro Bowler, and he will help us stop the run, something we haven't done for 7 years, since our last Super Bowl. Wish you well Tommy Kelly! Desmond Bryant will be ready to take over Kelly's spot, as will Matt Shaughnessy with Greg Ellis's spot!!!


Free Agent Signings:

The Oakland Raiders sign Pro Bowl WR Terrell Owens to a 2 year contract worth $10 million

Bottom Line: This great move gives our new franchise QB a reliable Pro Bowl WR target for cheap. T.O will draw tickets, and will do wonders for this team, both economically, and football wise. He hasn't gotten in trouble for a long time, and I think he is worth the risk. He will also teach Darrius Heyward Bey how to be a good receeiver in the NFL. Our receiving corps will benefit greatly from this. Our offense will be good once again, with DMAc and Bush running the ball, and Owens, Murphy, and Schilens, DHB catching the ball! It'll be fun!!!



The Oakland Raiders sign NT Grady Jackson (former Raider) to a 1 year contract for $2.5 million.

Bottom Line: More depth on the D Line. He is a run clogger and a veteran who will help shore our D line, and will be a good veteran influence on this team.

He wil come back to the team that he once led to the Super Bowl. Happy endings do come true, and hopefully that is how it will happen!

GO RAIDERS 8-8!!! My mock draft is next! Send me feedback much appreciated!