McNabb & The Eagles: A Circus Relationship

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McNabb & The Eagles:  A Circus Relationship
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An era in Philly is over.  Number five is gone.  The scapegoat for all of Philly's woes and problems now has a new home.

With division rival, the Washington Redskins.

I'm glad McNabb can move on.  From the moment he was drafted, he was unwanted by the fans.  Instead of getting a phenomenal yet marijuana addicted Ricky Williams who missed seasons at the height of his career, the Eagles drafted a QB who has led them to countless NFC championship games and to one Super Bowl where they fell short.  

All-star talent never surrounded him, working with average receiving corps until the latter part of his career when DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin would come into the picture.

But those toys weren't for Donovan.

They were for the QB waiting in the shadows for his chance to emerge once McNabb's time in Philly was over.  Maybe the Eagles front office learned from their mistakes with McNabb in how to handle building around a young talent like that.  

But despite not having the talent around him throughout his eleven years in Philadelphia, he made sure to make himself one of the elite quarterbacks in the league.  Despite the criticism, he walked in the locker room and played his heart out for his team.  Despite the drama that unfolded from a severed relationship between himself, T.O., and the organization, he went on the field.  Comments concerning racism thrown at him and all he can is go out and perform his job.

These aren't things someone should have to deal with.

But the thing is McNabb rose above it all.

Maybe he was never destined to win that elusive championship in Philly.  Maybe that goal was out of his reach.  But best believe that when Washington plays Philly for the first time this upcoming season, McNabb will be ready.  Washington doesn't look like they are in a rebuilding mindset.  They feel like they are a couple of crucial pieces away from being threats in the NFC East and who is better to lead them than a QB who has played in the NFC East for the last eleven years so you know he is already adapted to reading the defensive schemes thrown at him and is already a proven QB?  

Shanahan is a football genius and I wouldn't put anything past him after seeing him turn around a Denver Broncos team and take an old quarterback like John Elway and lift him to the plateau of Super Bowl winners.  Is it out the question?  Stranger things have happened in the NFL.

But I will go out and say that I respect Andy Reid a bit more.  McNabb was Reid's first pick as a head coach for the Eagles back in 1999 and they have always had a close relationship.  They could have shipped McNabb to the Raiders or Rams and out of their division but how could you really do something like that to a player who helped energize your franchise and did as much for your franchise as McNabb has done.  This isn't just some player, this is the person who helped your organization receive success.

Fitting that this trade occurs on Easter, the day of resurrection.  We will see if McNabb can bring his Lombardi hopes back to life.

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