Patriots: Rebuilding the All-Decade Defense: Ndamukong Suh

Atheil BarkerContributor IApril 2, 2010

Gone are the days of Richard Seymour and Mike Vrabel, they are spending their days at the bottom of the AFC West while Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison laugh it up on ESPN watching highlights of the holes they left on our defense.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the years those winners spent on our roster. I really do, but don't you miss our All-Decade Defense? The three time Super Bowl champion defense?

Bill Belichick put an emphasis on "building towards the future" last year. With the Exodus of players through retirements, trades and Free Agency many fans were left wondering why?

Why did we trade Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel for a second-round pick when they were worth more than that packaged together?

Why did we send Richard Seymour to the black hole of his career for a first-rounder two years away? Bill Belichick's answer? For the future of our franchise.

At 6ft 4in 307 lbs and often considered to be the top prospect in this years draft he could fix the glaring hole left behind by Richard Seymour's departure.

The three years Suh started at Nebraska he has racked up 195 tackles (113 solo ), 82 assists, 49 tackles for losses, 15 passes defended, 3 interceptions (2 pick sixes), 2 forced fumbles, 20 1/2 sacks (12 1/2 coming in his senior year) and has an offensive TD to go with all of it. Mel Kiper Jr. describes Suh as "maybe the most dominating defensive tackle I've seen in 32 years."

Richard Seymour's whole college career accumulated 223 tackles (106 solos ), 9.5 sacks and 25.5 tackles for losses. If we were to add Ndamukong Suh's stats the whole time he played for Nebraska, his stats would register 214 total tackles, 125 solo, 89 assists, 57 tackles for losses, 24 sacks, 4 INTs, 15 passes defended, and 3 forced fumbles along with that offensive TD.

Suh could slip due to other team's needs,

1. St. Louis is almost certainly going to take a QB.

2. The Lions need an OT to help protect Stafford.

3. Experts think Gerald McCoy would fit better into Tampa's defensive system (Tampa 2), and

4. the Redskins could wind up drafting a QB or OT with Shanahan running the show. If Ndamukong Suh slips to the Chiefs, would you try to move up and nab him?

We could possibly see the benefits this year from our trade with Kansas City who currently holds the number five overall pick in this years draft. We did Scott Pioli a big favor when we sent Matt Cassel and Vrabel to him for one second rounder over Josh McDaniels who was also trying to acquire Cassel via a 3 way trade with Tampa.

To move up into the top 5 is going to cost something but with our old friend Scott Pioli running things over in KC it could come at a discounted price.

The Chiefs, of course, also need an offensive tackle to shore up their line and protect our former back up Cassel from further damage.

Bill could put together a draft day package to entice the Chiefs to bite. With Pioli's love for former Patriots we could send Matt Light (who has become expendable due to Sebastian Vollmer emergence) along with our No. 22nd overall and a second-rounder to secure that spot, maybe even just Light and a first-rounder could do it.

Even though the Patriots arn't known for moving up we could see this end up being the biggest draft day move. The move could re-assert our defense on top of the food-chain. Filling Seymour's shoes and adding a much needed pass rush to our defense in one fell swoop.

At the end of the day we could wind up with Suh and still have two picks in the second round.

We could just as well stand pat at No. 22 and the picks we have select someone like Sergio Kindle, Jared Odrick or Brandon Graham, but if it were you, wouldn't you try to get a player that only comes once every three decades if given the chance? Wouldn't you want your 3-4 to star with Suh, Wilfork and Warren?