Best NFL Players by Position: Offense

LoudMouf Sports Correspondent IMarch 20, 2010


We will start off by introducing the man who will probably end his career as the undisputed best signal-caller of all time—Peyton Manning.

Is it even a question? While Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers get much respect from me I called Aaron Rodgers' greatness by the way they haven't engineered a comeback against a great Patriots defense in the AFC Championship game and single-handedly crushed the dreams of many guys trying to give it one last shot before they hang it up.

I refused to read off stats for the "Who Dat" Nation and their recent obsession with Drew Brees and his abilities. PLEASE! You all thought it was stupid to sign a guy who may not be able to throw and I don't care if you are from N.O. NO ONE is a Saints fan.

Peyton Manning the greatest, no debate.

A player to look out for in the 2010 season who may be flying underneath the wire is Charlie Whitehurst. Also look out for Jake Delhomme, and definitely look out for Matt Schaub and his amazing attack.

Running Backs

Again undisputed—Chris Johnson leads the list of best in the league. I don't think he will come close to the same season he had this past year, but he will probably still slice through the majority of NFL defenses yet again.

I honestly thought when I saw him at the combine, he was guy who wouldn't be much more than a Reggie Bush type guy or a Darren Sproles type player a good receiving back and a nice back up. I think we all were taken by surprise to see his ability to make the NFL's best look like middle schoolers in a pick up game of backyard football.

A guy to pay attention to is Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens, the leader of the Ravens rushing attick. And with Michael Oher creating gaping holes, I think he will probably end up leading the AFC in yards, especially with the great outside blocks Anquan Boldin can create.

So in 2010, we should definitely see plenty of endzone celebrations from Rice and CJ 21.

Wide Receiver

Larry Fitzgerald lead the boards across every preseason WR ranking.

I was furious when I saw these rankings.

Andre Johnson was the best last year, and will remain the best this year. He possesses all the tools you could ever want in a WR. He is 6'3, 230 pounds, clocked a 4.41 in his combine 40 yard dash, blocks, is quiet, selfless never drops a pass, and is probably the only man who survived his trip to Revis Island.

While Larry Fitzgerald is a respectable playmaker and a team player, let's remember that before Anquan Boldin went out with a fractured cheek bone in the '08, '09 season, he was the primary play maker of choice for Kurt Warner. He led the league with five TDs through the first four games of the year, and it wasn't until the Jets knocked him out for three games his starlight was stolen by the Fitz, who reawakened the term, Moss'd!

A guy to look out for to have a big season is Steve Smith. With a new quarterback and a healed arm, he should be re-motivated to show us the flashiness. Two others I  also like are Chad Johnson, the wide receiver formerly known as Ochocinco, and Roddy White, the model of consistency who has gone three straight years with 1,000+ yards.

Tight End

The position of kings, if you ask me, should be led by no other than Mr. Cool himself, Jason Witten. It seems like no matter what drama the Cowboys were in the midst of, he was always lurking in the shadows and producing. Jason Witten is probably the least talented person in the NFL and somehow is an All Pro!

Enough man crushing over the Wit Master. A guy who I like more than Witten is Owen Daniels. He was on his way to winning the triple crown for TEs (leading in receptions, yards, and touchdowns). I refuse to even touch bases on any other guys, because Owen Daniels is going to work himself into the best tight end.

Imagine what kind of aerial assault the Texans will have with Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, and Owen Daniels.


This doesn't need much attention—it's Leonard Weaver. And maybe the only other people who draw my attention for the upcoming season are Jacob Hester and Le'Ron McClain.

Offensive Tackles

How I miss the days of Walter Jones opening up holes for Shaun Alexander and watching the backside of Matt Hasselback. Nowadays the best left tackle is Ryan Clady he made a shaky Kyle Orton look like Aaron Rodgers with the amount of time he gave him to find Brandon Marshall.

A guy I have high expectations for is Russell Okung. I have him going to the Kansas City Chiefs, because they desperately need protection for Matt Cassell if that offense is even going to think about having a competent passing game. However, he will be an immediate impact wherever he goes.

Offensive Guards

Ironically, we just talked about how dominant Walter Jones was. Back in the day when the wild west was ran by Hasselback and the Seahawks, and the man who was just to the right of him was Steve Hutchinson. Hutchinson has now moved from opening holes for Shaun Alexander to opening holes for Adrian Peterson.

Along with Alan Faneca, Hutchinson will probably go down in history as the best at making good backs, great backs. Harvey Dahl for the Atlanta Falcons has the reputation of being the nastiest guard in the NFL. He not only finds anyway and all ways to deliver a spine crushing pancake, he also will make it his purpose to grab your facemask, fall on top of you, or step on you WAY after the play is over.

With a healthy Michael Turner and Matt Ryan, Dahl may just earn himself a Pro Bowl appearance.


Nick Mangold is hands down the best center. From day one, he stepped into Jets camp and moved every nose guard they threw his way. Let's be honest—if you can pick up the blitzes in a Rex Ryan defense on a daily basis, then you deserve every accolade possible.

A center I am interested in seeing is Dominic Raiola. Since everything is actually getting better in Detroit—everything other than the economy—I want to see how things turn out now that he isn't a one-man show on the offensive line.