Next Step For The Oakland Raiders To Win Division: Suh, Iupati, Or a LT

frank petrelliContributor IMarch 17, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - MARCH 1: Defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska walks on the field during the NFL Scouting Combine presented by Under Armour at Lucas Oil Stadium on March 1, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
Scott Boehm/Getty Images

There is alot of confusion about the draft, so I am going to clear some things up for everyone.  The most important players in a teams draft is based on their current needs and their previous draft selections.  That being said here goes............

1 St. Louis Rams:  The two positions needed to be addressed immediately is the QB and the LT.  So this pick will either be on Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen.  If not one of them it will be traded so that a team that needs a DT can pick up Suh or McCoy.

2 Detroit Lions:  The Lions need a LT more than anything to protect their investment of Stafford.  They also do not want to spend big money on a LT cause so many teams want Suh, so its in their best interest to try and trade down, but if they cant, they will draft Russel Okung (which is only 2 or 3 picks higher than most draft experts have him going). 

3 Tampa Bay Bucs:  The Bucs need a LT more than anything and could also use a DT.  They also need to protect Josh Freeman, but this this where Suh or McCoy might go.  Some people have Berry going in this spot, but I don't see that happening because they just signed Sean Jones and have alot of depth at Safety.  But if they draft Berry better news for us.

4 Washington Redskins:  Definitely not going to draft Suh or McCoy they have recently spent big money on Haynesowrth and drafted Orakpo last year.  They need a LT also and a MLB.  This pick will either be Rolando McClain or one of many LTs available.  It wont be a QB because of the recent acquisition of Rex Grossman to backup Campbell and it wont be Berry if he is there or Haden because Washington already had the #1 pass defense in the league last year.

5 Kansas City Chiefs:  This pick can be on a LT, DT, CB, or Safety depending on whats available.  LT is the most pressing position to protect their investment of Matt Cassel.  However, the Chiefs have spent recent picks on their D-Line (Dorsey and Tyson Jackson) but they traded DT Tank Tyler so this may indicate what they are looking to draft.  Berry is also a possibility if he is available, so is Haden.

6 Seattle Seahawks:  They need a LT (Walter Jones is getting old) and a Saftey badly.  So Berry (if available) is an obvious pick here as is one of the many LTs available.  They have alot of depth at DT, LB and CB.  They probably won't draft a QB early since they have Teel as a backup.

7 Cleveland Browns:  The Browns need help at WR but not as bad as they need a DE.  So this pick will either be Jason Pierre-Paul, Derrick Morgan, or Dez Bryant.  Some people have Haden going here but I think the Browns will go DE, it makes the most sense.

8 Oakland Raiders:  We need help with our O-Line.  This is the most important position.  If Suh is available, should we take him or Guard Iupati, or one of the many LTs available (Williams, Campbell, Bulaga, Okung, or Davis).  Their is also alot of talent in the second round like DT Cam Thomas or Brian Price (some draft boards have them going early-mid second round).  

Personally I think Oakland should draft Guard Iupati in the first round and here is why..........

Barnes was resigned for a reason, he is going to be our LT,  Gallery is our LG, Satele is our center (We should still draft C Eric Olsen from ND), Iupati at RG, and Henderson at RT.  That's a definite improvement but we should still look to draft G Brandon Carter or John Jerry in the later rounds as well as another LT (too many to choose from) to add depth.

In the second round look to pick DT Cam Thomas or Brian Price

Third round should either be LB Daryl Washington from TCU or a LT

Fourth round would be a good time to grab C Eric Olsen from ND, he would be a good backup with the potential to be a starter because he comes from a pro style offense (Satele is good, but not that good).

The fifth round would be a good time to pick up G John Jerry (if he is there) or Brandon Carter

Then its time to grab FB John Connor we need another blocker in case O'neal or Lawton get hurt.  We also have TE Brandon Meyers, who is a great blocker.    

Another thing.....Oakland should not trade their 5th pick for Troy Smith, they should look to trade Gradkowski or Frye and a pick in next years draft for Smith.  JaMarcus is our guy, if not this year, then some year in the future.  Al is not going to give up on him and I don't think he should, even though he has been nauseating to watch.  He has all the tools to be a top tier QB (for example the comeback in the Denver game), he just needs to be properly coached and motivated, and a little film study won't hurt either. If he can play the way he played against Denver every game, Oakland will win the division.

And we don't need TO, TO sucks and our young receivers have shown too much potential to take a back seat to this cry baby ( that's my teammate, that's my QB) he's not tough enough to wear silver and black. 

I think that our offense will explode with a strong O-Line and all the Raider haters out there will have their foot in their mouth all season long...................Good thats what they get for ripping our franchise apart for the past like 7 years. GO RAIDERS!!!!!

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