2010 Oakland Raiders Free Agency and Draft Moves

frank petrelliContributor IMarch 12, 2010

The Oakland Raiders do not need as much work as people think.  The Raiders have a very talented team.  The main problem is that they are underachieving, not untalented.  The Raiders have to find players that will allow some of the younger struggling players thrive. 

The Raiders don't TO or LJ or LT or Marshall or Boldin or any of these other stupid, waste of money, not going to fix the problem (Randy Moss couldn't you morons), piss-poor ideas.  If they were going to spend big money on anyone it should have been Peppers but its too late (Could you imagine Seymour on one side Peppers on the other both would get doubled every time creating opportunities) 

This is what Oakland needs to do:

The first position that should be addressed is the offensive line with a focus on the left tackle position.  Barnes was resigned, Green gone to Buffalo.  So that leaves Henderson, and Gallery as definite starters. The Raiders need to pick up Mark Tauscher.  He would be an upgrade at the position.  But Oakland should still look to draft Bruce Campbell.  He has all the tools to be a monster in the NFL and has Tom Cable as his coach, perfect scenario for success.  Mcfadden and Bush would be a deadly duo.

Second should be Quarterback or Defensive Tackle, depending on what situations occur.  However,since Derek Anderson is available this is the next move that needs to be done.  He definitely has the ability to be an elite QB in this league under the right circumstances (2007 he was a beast) and with a newly upgraded O-Line, he could return to his old self with Hue Jackson as Offensive Coordinator (look what he did for Flacco).  He also has a big arm and Oakland loves to go deep.

The WRs ability has been seen (Murphy and Schliens) with Gradkowski and even with Jamarcus a couple of times.  DHB is a burner, but without time in the pocket he is not able to be productive as a deep ball threat.  And dont forget Zack Miller who is an excellent TE.

At DT the Raiders had a chance to pick up Jamal Williams but they didn't Denver did(Good thing we got a new line now).  However, there is allot of difference making players out there this year.  Jimmy Kennedy and Clancy Kendrick are the only UFA left everybody else is RFA.  Oakland should look to trade and draft at his position and see who else gets released in the future and be ready to buy if the right player emerges.  This will change the way the whole defense plays. 

Oakland has to win the war upfront and pressure the QB, this would help our LBs in coverage, CBs (Aso is left out of this) and Safeties from getting burned (Routt, yea the guy who got a 1st and 3rd round tender) because other teams wont have as much time for plays to develop.  Every game Oakland won last year had two things in common, excellent play at the QB and they were able to pressure the other teams QB.

There also are some other free agents Oakland should look at depending on future signings and releases.  Keith Bulluck, Antonio Pierce, Will Witherspoon, Joey Porter, Larry Foote, Danny Clark all these players depend on money.  The Raiders should not over spend on any of these players, well maybe Bulluck and move Morrison to OLB that would be nasty for like 2 years.  Bulluck would be a great leader and mentor to the younger players.

Finally CB, Oakland should definately draft and sign one through free agency.  Lito Sheppard is available and should not be too expensive and he is only a short term fix. 

I cant stand losing anymore.  Ive been a Raider fan since the 3rd grade thanks to Bo Jackson, I'm 28 now..............this sucks.  And people don't give up on JaMarcus yet.  He has shown on occasion to be very good.  He just needs to be motivated, mentored, and used properly.  And more time in the pocket (and thanks to our new O-line that is possible).  This is the best I can come up with........its an uncapped year and the key players are there, they just need other players to supplement their strengths.

By Frank Petrelli                               Tell me what you think.