The Redskins Plans For The Future

Fahim CarimContributor IFebruary 27, 2010

SAN DIEGO, CA - JANUARY 3:  Quarterback Philip Rivers #17 of the San Diego Chargers speaks with Jason Campbell #17 of the Washington Redskins after the Charger's 23-20 win during their NFL Game on January 3, 2010 at Quolcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
Donald Miralle/Getty Images

It is said if you are rebuilding a team drafting a franchise QB first is the way to go. But in reality I have seen as many teams destroyed by that philosophy as had it work. They say that the position you can fix with one players is QB. To me the hardest position to fix with one player is QB. He needs a line 5 players, a running games 2 players, receivers 3 players, and a defense that will at least keep the game close 11 more players. All the other position basically need to show up and do their job. The QB depend more on his team mates. If a good team underachieves a 1st round QB can work because they have at least some of the parts in position. The 1st round QB's on bad teams tend to go out and get beat up.

The examples of QB's failing to help terrible team are countless particularly in the short term. Cowboys drafted Aikman went 1-15 he didnt even play in the victory. Tampa took Testaverde what good did do? Kyle Boller do for the Ravens anyone? Jeff George 1-15. Detroit Stafford 2-14, Raiders Jamarcus 5-11. On the other hand a once in a lifetime RB arguably helps immediately look at Emmitt and Dallas. They went from 1-15 without him to 7-9 his 1st year and never looked back. Peyton Manning 3-13 without him 3-13 with him, draft Edgerrin James 13-3 first season.

The easiest to fix is defense. Its easier to destroy than to create. Add good defensive players and they will create problem for the other teams. Play good defense it will help the offense with a short field and turnovers. You'll be in every game. Yes eventually you will meet a team that can score on you and you have to be able to score too, but you can cross that bridge when you come to it.

 The teams with lines, defenses and running games were able to get rookies QB's out on the field in there first year and win, like Brady, Rothlisberger Matt Ryan, Sanchez and Flacco by the third year they were seasoned vets. Getting things prepared and a good late round pick is better than the top pick who gets his brains beat in for a team thats not ready. The importance of preparation cannot be underestimated.

The offensive line is the heart of the team if you can move the pile on third and short and can protect on third and long thing go right. If you can't run on third and short can't pass on third and long you aren't going to win drives stall in the red zone, you have three and outs, comeback attempts are stopped with sacks.

Imagine if the Raider were a run first run second then maybe pass team that played good defense. Jamarcus would simply hand off and on occasional play-fakes throw. Well protected on third and long his cannon arm would terrorize defenses. People would say there is smart then there is Al Davis smart. But as it stands with no running game he's trying to win on his own. He has to be perfect and every mistake shows. He's climbing the south wall of Everest.

Does nobody remember the Redskins before Portis got injured Campbell hadn't thrown a pick in half a season, they were 6-2 and Campbell was black Jesus. Once the running game stalled and the line fell apart he was a bum. 

The Redskins have a defense, TE's and receivers what they need is a O-line and an RB. The Line situation is the most dire so they should fix that first. They can get two good lineman and a RB who can play and they will be competitive coming out of the gates the last thing they need is a QB controversy or a really good QB beat up behind the line and to waste two or three seasons for him to develop. 

Its seem the Redskins will buy into the patently untrue philosophy that a franchise QB is like a rare diamond and will go for a QB now and try to get a veteran to keep the seat warm until he can start. QB's can be developed and found in the late first round or other rounds Dan Marino and Joe Montana were not the first players picked but were the best players in their classes. 

An ironic but logical move if they just don't believe in Campbell would be for them to trade Campbell and the draft pick for Cutler. Bring Cutler to work an offense he knows and send Campbell to play mistake free ball in Chicago.