2010 NFL Free Agency: Nnamdi Asomugha to New York Jets a Legitimate Possibility

Zach BergerCorrespondent INovember 3, 2016

A few weeks ago, whisperings of a possible Nnamdi Asomugha trade to the Jets arose. Everyone laughed at this as an impossibility.

Well, stop laughing and listen up, because this isn't as impossible as you may think.

The Raiders want to make a trade this offseason. They are very willing to trade Nnamdi Asomugha, arguably the best player on the team and the second best cornerback in the league.

But what does Oakland want in return for Nnamdi?

As far as I know, the Jets and Raiders haven't yet been in contact, so that is up to speculation. They have gaping holes at quarterback and wide receiver. Their offensive line could use some help too.

Obviously Sanchez is off the board, and you could assume that the Jets would be willing to ship either Jericho Cotchery or Braylon Edwards to Oakland. Kellen Clemens is definitely an interesting potential trade piece.

He has shown a fair amount of game-management skill along with a solid arm.

He certainly has a much brighter future than JaMarcus Russell...the biggest draft bust ever.

Vernon Gholston could definitely be a viable bargaining chip in an Asomugha trade as well. Al Davis loves to take on projects, especially high-risk/high-reward draft busts like Gholston who were supposed to be all-star players.

Gholston is (or was) extremely athletic, but he was never a smart football player. He was a gym rat who used his speed and strength to bully offensive lines and hit quarterbacks, but that's the college game. The NFL is a thinking game, and he simply hasn't shown the ability to succeed in this league.

If the Jets trade Clemens along with Edwards or Cotchery, throwing in a conditional draft pick, both teams benefit very strongly.

The Jets can sign a veteran backup such as Jeff Garcia or Chad Pennington (my personal favorite for the job).

They can then use their first round draft pick on a wide receiver: Golden Tate, Arrelious Benn, or Jordan Shipley.

This fills the Jets major holes at cornerback and wide receiver.

Revis playing across the field from Asomugha would give the Jets one of the best pass defenses in NFL history.

The Raiders would have a quarterback that could legitimately win games...not one that makes your heart skip a beat every time he releases the ball.

They would also have someone to catch the ball. Al Davis added on to his list of notoriously bad draft choices with Darrius Heyward-Bey last year.

The Jets probably wouldn't even be in the position to offer the Raiders a wide receiver if he had just drafted Michael Crabtree, but he opted for speed over skill and so far, that hasn't paid off every well.

Louis Murphy, a fourth-round draft choice for the Raiders, has shown some upside. He can actually catch the ball and came up with clutch game-winning touchdowns against both the Bengals and the Steelers, helping his team pull off two major upsets.

But other than Murphy, they are hurting on the receiving end of the ball.

The Jets can help them out strongly on offense with a trade for Asomugha. The combination of Cotchery and Edwards with Clemens is tempting itself, but a conditional draft choice on top if that is almost guaranteed to pay off the way Asomugha is playing.

It may just be wishful thinking, but the mere fact that Oakland is willing to trade Nnamdi Asomugha gets me excited.

Every quarterback's worst nightmare is Darrelle Revis, and when they aren't having bad dreams about Revis, they are thinking about Nnamdi Asomugha.

I'd almost feel bad for NFL quarterbacks if the two were paired together.

Almost. But I'd get over it pretty quickly.

Update: Mike Tannenbaum has reportedly stated he is open to making a deal for Nnamdi Asomugha regardless of the risks involved in such a huge trade because of the extreme upside of having Revis and Asomugha on the same team.