Adrian Peterson's Vikings...Playoffs?

Jordan McAbeeContributor INovember 7, 2007

Icon Sports Media    Each NFL team has completed at least half of their games for the season and the burning question is starting to gain interest: who will get into the playoffs? As of now, there aren't many teams that don't have a chance to get in. A sleeper I'd bet on? The Vikings.

    Adrian Peterson has lit a fire under this team in a big way--on Sunday, AD ran just his nickname says: All Day. The rookie running back out of Oklahoma ran for an NFL record 296 yards with three scores against on of the top ten best rushing defense in the league, the San Diego Chargers.

     So you may ask, How in the world will the 3-5 Vikings make the playoffs? Well, just look at their upcoming schedule to find my reasoning.

Week 10 @ Green Bay Packers

This game is a "must-win". The Vikings' self-confidence is very high right now and the Packers have been winning their previous couple games in the last half-quarter and in overtime against a slumping Denver team. Prediction: MIN 31 GB 21...MIN 4-5

Week 11 vs. Oakland Raiders

#1 rushing offense vs. #30 rushing defense = big day for Adrian Peterson. Oakland hs a good running game but the Vikings have the second-best rush defense. The Vikings will win big and AD might just challenge his record. Prediction: OAK 10 MIN 28...MIN 5-5

Week 12 @ New York Giants

This matchup will be intriguing, especially if the Vikings can win in Wisconsin and back at the Metrodome. The Giants are playing great football after starting the season in a slump. It will be close but the Giants will pull it off. Prediction: MIN 17 NYG 20...MIN 5-6

Week 13 vs. Detroit Lions

The Lions didn't impress me when they played the Vikings in Week 2. Jackson threw 4 interceptions and the Vikings would have won if Longwell's kick was to the right about a foot. The Vikings get some revenge. Prediction: DET 10 MIN 24...MIN 6-6

Week 14 @ San Francisco 49ers

Plain and simple: the Niners suck. It would not surprise me if AD went over 175 in this one. Vikings win big. Prediction: MIN 35 SF 17...MIN 7-6

Week 15 vs. Chicago Bears

Remember the last time these two teams met? It was close but the Vikings dominated the game until the last half-quarter or so. Oh, yeah, and Peterson had 224 yards. He won't repeat his performance but the result will be the same. Prediction: CHI 20 MIN 23...MIN 8-6

Week 16 vs. Washington Redskins

This team keeps going up and down. They don't put up many points but they pull out wins. This will be a fight all the way into overtime. Prediction: WAS 24 MIN 27 (OT)...MIN 9-6

Week 17 @ Denver Broncos

The week I've been waiting for. Adrian Peterson vs. the worst rush defense in the league. Even though the game is at Mile High, AD will run all over these guys and challenge the 296 record. Prediction: MIN 27 DEN 7...MIN 10-6


Iif you need a sleeper team don't forget to look into the Vikings. They have one special running back that will have you holding your breath each time he touches the ball. Will he lead them to the playoffs? Only time will tell..