Introducing The New GM of The Oakland Raiders Michael K. Eagle

Panty Raider AKA Big RaidCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2010

DENVER - DECEMBER 20:  Darren McFadden #20 of the Oakland Raiders reacts on the bench during the first half against the Denver Broncos at Invesco Field at Mile High on December 20, 2009 in Denver, Colorado. The Raiders defeated the Broncos 20-19.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
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                                 They should be so lucky..

      I'm sick of Mock Drafts, Articles that show how the Raiders were bad, Jamarcus Russell is the Anti-Christ of Football, the the Receivers this, the Running Game that or the wall of Swiss Cheese known as The Defensive line.. The Past is the Past, and while there are many speculations as to how the Raiders should move forward, via draft pics that won't be available, free agents that will cost entirely to much money, regardless if 2K10 is capped or bald. Having said that over the next couple weeks I'm going to through my 2 cents in. In a more Constructive Manner

      I have elected myself as GM of the Oakland Raiders. I will be fair and make swift moves to right this once great franchise...

      The 1st roll as GM will be to officially announce Tom Cable as Head Coach. Granted this is an unspoken known, I believe that playing games with The greatest fans and the media by holding back simple information is over and done with.

      Next line of Business is taking a serious look at the players currently under contract or with contracts soon to expire that are VALID starters for this team. With brief explanations

                                    The 2K10 Starting lineup is..

Qb: Open Contest Russell/Gradkowski/Frye
I don't think this is a surprise to anyone. Russell hasn't proven to be a Starter, Frye and Gradkowski, haven't proven they can last a season

Running Back: Michael Bush/McFadden/
Michael Bush has proven to be the most consistent Runner, The Raiders Best option. McFadden Still has that X-Factor, they will battle for 1 and 2..

FullBack:Oren O'Neal-Marcel Reece/Luke Lawton-Draft
Oren has had injury Problems, but when healthy has proven he can be a starter. Marcel Reece is out of Position, being a more versatile option than Luke has proven to be. I would like to see what we could find in the 5 or later rounds at FB as well.

WO1: Schilens.  Has shown Flashes that he could be something really special. IF he can stay healthy

WO2: Murphy/Higgins/??Marcel Reece. Murphy starter off strong, then Cooled off.. Marcel Reece was an above average receiver in College, His speed and quick feet for his size make him an interesting candidate I believe trying to turn him into a Fullback or a TE is a huge Mistake. Let's see him at the position he played in College

WO3 Higgins/Reece/Bey,(??) Higgins has the goods. He proved it 2008 and should have had the option to solidify what he started in 2009. He will have the option in 2010 The #2 and #3 spots are well as having the #4, and 5 WO's being Developed.

TE1: Zack Miller This is a no brainer.
TE2: Brandon Myers/Marcell Reece ( I will Get Reece on the field and the ball in his hands somehow )

LT: Kalif Barnes/Draft He is a True Left Tackle, and with his inability to play the right side why even waste the time trying to make it fit.. Put him where he works now.. We are Drafting a future LT in the 1st Round if at all possible ( Coming soon. Who to draft)

OG: Robert Gallery has resurrected his career to some degree, there are durability issue but the best current option we have

C:  Samson Satele serviceable with an decent upside still unproven but the best current option.. The line has more pressing needs

OG: Cooper Carlisle/Draft. He has been the most consistent, and outside of Gallery the only True Guard on this team.. He will do well mentoring the future. This is a position that will need to be addressed..Hopefully the light will on click in Pears.

RT: Mario Henderson Has proven to be a viable option at LT. He is the only tackle that is capable of starting at RT. That is more pressing TEAM need.. Hopefully this will be a smooth Transition. This is not personal..


DE: Greg Ellis/??trevor Scott/ This is a Battle for starting Position. Ellis has 1st shot Trevor Scott has OLB experience in HS, his College Career he played DE.

DT: Gerard Warren/Richard Seymour/Draft Current Best options, Joseph Williams will have the option to battle but A true Solution needs to be addressed

DT: Tommy Kelly/Desmond Bryant This is set in stone...If Seymour is getting more time on the line at DT. Richardson has the nod, but will be pushed by Desmond who is an intelligent Tweener..

OLB: Trevor Scott/Thomas Howard
MLB: Kirk Morrison RE-SIGN SET IN STONE, you don't get rid of the Leading Tackler
OLB: Thomas Howard /DRAFT/ IF the Trevor Scott Experience isn't working out

FS: Michael Huff Has made a DRASTIC turn around.. He has proven that he should have a shot at losing the position
SS: Michael Mitchel He is the Future SS for the Raiders, Many say TyVon Branch, but I have bigger plans for him. 

CB: Nnamdi Asomugha No explination needed
CB: Tyvon Branch WAS A STELLAR Corner at the College Level.. Has good Size, and Blazing Speed. TyVon is a great SS, who is capable of Being a SHUTDOWN Corner in the NFL. He should have the option to compete
CB: Chris Johnson did a very good job opposite of Nnamdi. Knowing that he is going to get the lions share of Passes thrown in his direction he handled it well. Chris is 30 years old, a late bloomer not having major injuries. However Stanford must go. Chris will have the option to beat Branch out for starting Corner. But TyVon is the future. With Mitchel ready to take over at SS. This would be the best backfield the Raiders could field..

      there you have it. My 1st act as GM.. Identifying who my starters are and their immediate possible competition. This information would be sent to the agents of all players, as well as the players themselves. There is no need to hide the direction I am going towards. Let the competition begin now. Giving players time to get going on whatever offseason program they think they will need to get ready for this season, as well as allowing the coaches time to address their concerns, begin to design plays, and Schemes around these players....

      comming soon... Act 2 Dealing with the current contracts as to how they effect the predicted Starters.. 



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