Top 10 NBA Players Revisited

Garrett OlsenCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2010

With being half way in the 2009-10 NBA season, I am going to revisit my top 10 players in the NBA right now.

On a side note, this is my first article on Bleacherreport since three months ago due to the fact I did some work for and thanks to  Unfortunately, I couldn't attend college full time as well as commit the hours needed to be successful on the websites so I had to say goodbye which has lead me back to Bleacherreport for an article every now and then.

Without further ado, here is my revisited top 10 players in the NBA.

1. Kobe Bryant (1)

Kobe has his team in first in the West halfway through the season and is continuing their tear since the NBA chamionship last season.  Kobe is playing banged up, yet is still producing numbers at an elite level.  I watched him drop over 30 on Denver while being banged up.  Kobe showed why he is still number one on my list.

2. Lebron James (2)

Lebron has had a great year and like Kobe has his team in first place in the East.  James is playing great ball right now and is inching closer to passing up Kobe.  James' defense has improved on all aspects signifying him as a top defensive and offensive player in the NBA.  It won't be long until he passes Kobe on my list.

3. Caremelo Anthony (5)

Anthony has moved up two spots on my list past Dwayne Wade and Chris Paul for the best player in the league behind Bryant and James.  If not for better defense, Anthony could very well be amongst Bryant and James as the best player in the NBA.  Anthony has moved up to three because of his career best 29.7 points per game half way through the season which has landed him in early MVP talks.  Anthony will start in the All Star game if his injured ankle heals by then.  Once healthy, Anthony will look to lead his Denver Nuggets to their first NBA championship.

4. Dwayne Wade (3)

Wade has his team sitting in eighth place at the moment in the East and is doing it all on his own.  With his 26 points per game average, Wade is playing some of the best ball in his young career.  Unfortunately, Wade doesn't have a great supporting cast thus leading him with a record under .500. 

5. Kevin Durant (NR)

Kevin Durant has jumped from being not ranked to number five on my list in nearly half of a season.  Durant's 29 points per game which is good for third in the NBA behind James and Anthony, is impressive and has his Oklahoma City Thunder in playoff contention for the first time since moving from Seattle.  Durant is the third best Small Forward in the NBA behind James and Anthony and is arguably one of the top 5 scorers in the league today.  Durant is playing like an All Star and will back up Anthony in the All Star game this year. 

6. Deron Williams (8)

Williams has moved up two spots in my list because of his exceptional play this year.  Averaging 19 points a game to go along with his 9.7 assists per game ranks among the top in point guards this year.  Williams has the Jazz at third in the West and is currently rising a nice eight game win streak.  Williams has made the All Star game for the first time in his career and is playing great basketball.

7. Dwight Howard (6)

Howard has dropped a spot because of the emmergence of Kevin Durant.  Howard is averaging 17.8 points and 13.4 rebounds a game which is the best among centers.  Howard has his team in second in the East and is looking to get to another NBA finals.

8. Dirk Nowitzki (9)

Nowitzki is averaging 25 points a game and has Dallas in fourth place in the West.  Dallas looks better this year and Nowitzki is having another MVP like season.  His suspect defense has him in the bottum 10.

9. Steve Nash (NR)

Nash is playing some of the best ball of his career and at the age of 36 has his team sitting in fifth place in the West.  Nash is averaging 18.4 points a game to go along with 11 assists per game.  Nash earned the starting spot in the All Star game for the West.

10. Brandon Roy (7)

Roy has dropped because of his injuries, but when healthy is a top 7 player in the NBA.  Roy is averaging 23 points a game and five assists a game.  Roy earned an all star spot, but will have to miss the game due to a hamstring injury. 

Honorable Mentions: Chauncey Billups, Chris Paul (4), Joe Johnson (10), Paul Pierce, Tim Duncan, Pao Gasol, and Derrick Rose.

That concludes my top 10 players in the NBA right now.  Fill free to voice your opinion and sound off on my rankings.