Colts "D" will contain Saints Offense this Super Sunday

Daniel SenerizCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2010

Over the past few days, national and local media have talked about the “vaunted” Saints offense, and their masterful defense. 


You mean the same offense that scored all of 17 points against the woeful Tampa Bay Buccaneers? 

Or how about the “D” that allowed Washington to hang 30 on ‘em? 

It’s easy to average 30+ points against teams such as Detroit, St. Louis, Buffalo, Washington….you get the point, all of which were New Orleans opponents in 2009.

People can go on and talk about the 45 point effort against Arizona in the playoffs.  Remember folks, ‘Zona just had 45 put on them the week prior against Green Bay. 

And go on about the 31* they put on Minnesota.  * is due to the questionable calls and the fact Minnesota gave the game away in the form of 5 turnovers. 

Sure they did beat the Vikings in the NFC Championship game, but when an opposing team turns the ball over 5 times, its going to be hard to beat a DIV I-AA college team. 

As the great JIM MORA would say:


This is true to the NFC Championship game, but it still took 5 turn over’s and OT to put Minnesota away.

They remind me of the college team who get to a championship game due to their schedule.  {Cough, Ohio State, Cough}.  Sure, unlike college football, the NFL has a playoff system, but this is the big dance and we all know the AFC is far more superior than the NFC. 

Which will bring us to the Defense.

None of their opponents have had the type of  “Dynamic” offense like the one the Colts run so well. 

Outside of Tom Brady, and Tony Romo, how many other “top” QB’s did New Orleans face all year?  McNabb?  Yeah, he is the talk of the trade block right now.  Favre? See above.  Kurt Warner?  Also, see above.  Eli Manning?  He’s ok, but clearly not Peyton.  All the others are either career backups or first or second year QB’s. 

Not exactly Peyton Manning if you ask me.

With the Saints 25th ranking, to me that is hardly a masterful defense.  Peyton will have this Defense figured out before the first Budweiser commercial.  Gregg Williams can talk about all the “remember me” shots on Peyton, but you best believe the league will pay very close attention to that sort of play.

It’s a feel good story with this team, but Hurricane Katrina had nothing to do with football or the current version of this team.  If not for Commissioner Tagliabue, the Saints would be in L.A., and “Who Dat” nation would be “Who Knew?”

So lets hope for a good, fair game, and that Indy shows everyone, once and for all , they deserve to be considered among the best ever!