Is Hue Jackson The Answer For The Oakland Raiders

D.J. O'ConnorSenior Analyst IIIJanuary 27, 2010

  Hue Jackson is being welcomed into Raider Nation as if he were a returning veteran of World War 2.  He is being praised for his work in Baltimore with Joe Flacco becoming a rookie sensation.  He is praised for his work in Cincy in developing WRs T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Chad Johnson/Ochocinco into one of the league's top receiver groups.  And he deserves that credit.
  But when it comes to more responsibilities, Jackson isn't as productive.  In 2003 he was the O-coordinator in Washington and again in 2007 in Atlanta.  Neither stint was impressive.  In 2003,  Jackson’s offense was ranked 23rd overall (291.2 yards per game), was 22nd in scoring (17.9 points per game), 21st in passing (187.9 yards per game) and 22nd in rushing (103.3 yards per game).  
  In his return to the role in Atlanta in 2007, the Falcons were 29th in scoring (16.2 points per game), 23rd in total offense (301.0 yards per game), 18th in passing (206.0 yards per game) and 26th in rushing (95 yards per game).  *That season was haunted by Mike Vick's dog-fighting exposure, Bobby Petrino quitting with 3 games left to play and the QBs were Joey Harrington and Chris Redman so Hue deserves less blame. 

  In recent years, we Raider fans have gotten hope crushed by a bad season following an optimistic off-season. 

  In 2009, the Raiders hired Paul Hackett and Ted Tollner who are both respected for work with offense, and the 2009 Raiders offense was among the worse in franchise history, scoring 17 TDs in 16 games.  And the man expected to gain the most out of those two coaches, JaMarcus Russell, had the worse NFL QB rating sice 1998. 

  When the Raiders hired Lane Kiffin, he was thought of as an offensive mastermind coming from the explosive USC offense.  In Kiffin's brief time, the Raiders established a top 10 rushing attack led by Justin Fargas but the passing continued to stumble. 
  So with the last few years of high hopes being crushed for a coach or coordinator to come to Oakland and fix the offense, Why should Hue Jackson be expected to change this offense?  He has had great success with skill postions but not with whole offensive units. 
  Hue is inheriting an offense with a 6'6" 265+ pound question mark at QB, a trio of RBs with two consistently getting hurt and another who is under-rated, a group of inexperienced WRs and an O-line that needs upgrades at most of its spots. 

  Jackson is reportedly signed to a 3 year deal, and he will need most of those 3 years to help make this offense real good.  ***OFF SUBJECT:  Dwaine Board has been re-assigned from D-line coach to an assistant coach, according to the Raiders team website.  This was a move following the hiring of Mike Waufle.    Ted Tollner is still listed as passing-coordinator.