Jim Mora A Strong Candidate For Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders?

Andy AugerContributor IJanuary 16, 2010

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There is no more abysmal of an organization in the NFL right now than the Oakland Raiders.

Generally to play there, you have to:

  • be drafted,
  • traded there, (not your choice presumably),
  • under contract without the option of leaving,
  • be getting paid a ton of money,
  • looking to attempt to revive your career,
  • be content with starting and losing,
  • making a last-ditch effort to be a starter,
  • be on the decline of your career.

Sadly in most cases, several of these circumstances are generally intertwined for the players they grab, like "getting paid a ton of money," and "being on the decline of your career."

Playing under Al Davis must be a nightmare; his laundry list of mistakes in recent history are without a doubt tarnishing his great reputation from his glory days with the Raiders. When's the last time he made a decent free agent pickup that he actually kept around?

I mean, the guy has a No. 1 overall pick, No. 2 overall pick, No. 4 overall pick, and a No. 7 overall pick on his offense alone, and they still are ranked 31st in points, can you say B-U-S-T Central?!

Even the best of his recent picks, running back Darren McFadden, only averaged 3.4 YPC this season, and he is far and away their best first-round pick in the last five years.

I am a Raiders fan, but much like the Seahawks, (until they fired Ruskell), I can't support what they are doing, I can only sit and watch in horror.

With the Cable being unplugged, that means the Raiders are going to need to find a replacement. They might actually have to get on a bended knee and beg for someone to take the job.

You can cross Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, John Fox, Brian Billick, Mike Zimmer, Jason Garrett, Ron Rivera, and all of the other top candidates, or coordinators on winning teams, off their list.

No coordinator with a lofty salary, who is on a winning team, is likely going to want to leave their comfy surroundings for a train wreck. No former NFL Head Coach like Cowher is going to even talk about coaching the Raiders.

If a respected coordinator like Vikings Defensive Coordinator Leslie Frazier decides to interview; it will be for the sole reason of getting his feet wet as an NFL Head Coach.

One intriguing candidate though, as the title implies, is recently fired Seahawks Head Coach Jim Mora Jr.

Mora is likely done as an NFL head coach after his records have been in a decline ever since his 11-5 season with the Atlanta Falcons. Since then he has gone 8-8, 7-9, and 5-11, regressing as every season passes.

Circumstances aside, (like the fact the Seattle team he inherited was less than impressive and he was fired before he had a chance to do much), his Head Coaching prospects are dim, but he and the Raiders do appear to be a plausible match.

They are going to be desperate to hire someone with some credibility. As it stands, he is the only available "active" Head Coach on the open market who might be desperate enough to take the job in hopes of reviving his Head Coaching prospects for the future.

I mean, the last pair of Raiders coaching hires have been a college offensive coordinator, Lane Kiffin, who was a one and done. The other was the former offensive line coach, who they kept only because they couldn't find a better provider (maybe you see the pun...). 

His buddy Greg Knapp had success running the ball in Oakland before he laid an egg in Seattle. Former Seahawks Defensive Coordinator John Marshall holds the same role with the Raiders currently.

Hiring Mora would:

  • Give the Raiders the only former NFL Head Coach available they could tempt into taking the job.
  • Likely bring Greg Knapp back to Oakland, giving the players a more seamless transition with familiar schemes.
  • Give Jim Mora a final chance to prove he can still be Head Coach in the league, or the more likely scenario, his last chance to be a Head Coach before all systems crash. He is the best coaching choice and he has some tools to at least accomplish running the ball and being competitive on defense.

The other scenario is they promote an unknown, pluck a coordinator from a mediocre team, or dip into the college ranks for a likely obscure name, to fill the soon-to-be vacant Head Coaching role.

Hiring Mora, seems like a seamless scenario and you could do worse than Jim Mora as your coach, I mean, they already are with Tom Cable at the helm.

For any die hard Raiders fan reading this, going "this guy's crazy, we don't want Jim Mora, he sucks balls."

It is the Oakland Raiders, you lost the ability to pick and choose good coaches when Al Davis started smoking crack after the last Super Bowl. You should check out this article detailing the divorce between him and Seattle before you jump to conclusions; some of it was handled very poorly.

If I were a true die-hard member of Raiders Nation (I am more of a casual Raiders fan), I would be perfectly content if the Raiders managed to hire Jim Mora. As it stands, he is the best choice you have to hire, and the match makes sense.

Another strong candidate appears to be former Raiders Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan. He is the current Cleveland Browns Defensive Coordinator and responded with a "hell yeah" when asked if he would be interested in being head coach of the Raiders. Enthusiasm for going to the cellar; that's a positive sign.

Only time will tell to see if these ideas' gains any steam.

Also, chew on this, Michael Vick in silver and black, you just know it HAS to happen, I mean, I'm calling it right now.

Jim Mora or not, Michael Vick will end up in a Raiders uniform, I just see it happening. If not with the Raiders, he is ending up in Cleveland, Washington, or Buffalo, but I am leaning towards Oakland.

If you're a Raiders fan and you don't know much about Jim Mora Jr, here are some of his coaching profiles:

Shouldn't We Feel Bad For Jim Mora?

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