Time to rethink my NFL Playoff Rankings - QBs & RBs

John GustafsonContributor IJanuary 14, 2010


by John Gustafson, john@fantasylion.com

Well after one of the worst playoff weekends of my life (as far as picking games), I’m back to the drawing board. If you need some help with your One & Down leagues this week, perhaps this can help.

Note- These rankings are for PPR leagues. The rankings are based on the number of games I think each guy will play. The number of projected games are in ( ).


  1. Philip Rivers, SD (3)- I still have the Chargers going to the Super Bowl but I’d rather go with Manning, Brees, or Warner this week.
  2. Kurt Warner, Ari (3)- I’ve already used Warner but if you haven’t this would be a great week to use him because he’s likely in for a shootout. I have the Cards going to the Super Bowl now. If you disagree and think this is the end of Warner’s career then go out with a bang with him.
  3. Peyton Manning, Ind (2)- The Colts caught a break not getting the Pats. I’m not seeing a Ravens upset. Personally, I’m saving Manning until next week.
  4. Brent Farve, Min (2)- The old man should be in for a shootout as well and hopefully he has enough tricks up his sleeve. If he does, then the Vikes advance like I think they will.
  5. Drew Brees, NO (1)- This week I’ll be using Brees. I haven’t been a believer in the Saints all year and they are up against the Cards who are a on another team of destiny run in the NFC?
  6. Tony Romo, Dal (1)- Most people used Romo last week, but if you didn’t then this would be another good week to use him. The good news is the Vikes D isn’t what it used to be. If Romo and the Boys win this week then I’ll have Romo available next week.
  7. Mark Sanchez, NYJ (1)- I said last week that if Sanchez didn’t blow it in week 1 that he would do it this week. I’m sticking by that.
  8. Joe Flacco, Bal (1)- Flacco threw for 34 yards last week. No that is not a typo, 34 yards and he still won. That gives me very little confidence in him this week. Plus there’s a ton of better options.

Running Backs

  1. Adrian Peterson, Min (2)- I’m looking for a heavy dose of All Day this weekend. I like them to win and the Vikings are more than capable of making a Super Bowl run. I am waiting to use AP next week.
  2. LaDainian Tomlinson, SD (3)- LT has a very tough match this week so I wouldn’t use him. I’m probably going to wait to use him in the Super Bowl. A couple of cheap TDs this week may not be out of the question.
  3. Joseph Addai, Ind (2)- I’ve got the Colts winning 2 now making Addai a top 3 back. A Super Bowl run is not out of the question for the Colts. After all, if they win this week, the Super Bowl will have to go through them.
  4. Ray Rice, Bal (1)- After last week’s beastly performance, Rice should be in for a heavy dose of touches again this week. If you missed out on his monster game last week, use him this week!
  5. Beanie Wells, Ari (3)- Beanie had a solid game last week and should be in for a nice workload as the Cards may want to slow this game down. I’m waiting to use Beanie, but he’s not a bad option this week.
  6. Darren Sproles, SD (3)- Sproles could be the X factor in the running game for the Bolts this week, but I’m saving him for later in the playoffs.
  7. Felix Jones, Dal (1)- I have the Cowboys losing this week, so I’m going to make sure I get a piece of Jones before they head out. I’m starting him this week.
  8. Shonn Greene, NY (1)- Greene has averaged over 16 rushing attempts over the last 3 weeks and showed last week that he can break off a big run. I’ve already used T. Jones and don’t think that the Jets can win again this week, so I’ll be using Greene as a flex.
  9. Thomas Jones, NYJ (1)- Jones numbers weren’t great last week but he did get 15 carries and a TD. This week if the Jets are going with the “hot hand” approach, Jones could see the majority of carries like he’s used to should he get hot.
  10. Pierre Thomas, NO (1)- This is a really low ranking for PT, but not if the Saints lose this week. Because I’m not confident in the Saints’ ability this week, I’ll be using PT as one of my backs.
  11. Willis McGahee, Bal (1) - That’s 2 big weeks in a row for McGahee so there’s not reason to believe that he can’t do it again this week. I don’t think the Ravens will be able to run the ball 52 times this week so that could mean a decrease in touches for McGahee. He’s not a bad option and this may be your last chance to use him.
  12. Tim Hightower, Ari (3)- He’ll likely be in a shootout this week, but I’m going to hold off and wait to use him hoping that the Cards make a Super Bowl run.
  13. Reggie Bush, NO (1)- His role varies week to week but he could be the X factor in this week’s game. If you have to use him, this would be the week to do it. I’ll save him just in case the Saints advance.
  14. Tashard Choice, Dal (1)- Choice had a nice game last week but I wouldn’t use him this week. He’d be a damage control guy that I’d wait to use in case the Cowboys win this week.
  15. Donald Brown, Ind (3)- It’s hard to rank Brown any higher until I see what kind of touches he’ll see this week. He’ll move up by default if the Colts win. I wouldn’t use him this week.
  16. Marion Barber, Dal (1)- Thanks for showing up last week Marion and screwing over everybody that had any confidence in you. This week we have none.

Other what if long shots worth considering but I’m going to hold off on..

  • Mike Bell, No
  • Chester Taylor, Min
  • Mike Tolbert, SD

Check back later tonight for the WR & TE rankings!