QB Commodity Oddity: Who Do The Eagles Part Ways With?

Bryan ShipleyContributor IJanuary 12, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 9:  Quarterback Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles looks down on the bench late in the fourth quarter against the Dallas Cowboys during the 2010 NFC wild-card playoff game at Cowboys Stadium on January 9, 2010 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Vick or McNabb? Let's operate under the assumption that the Philadelphia Eagles are smart enough to realize that they could get something for one of these guys, and that despite what a certain vanilla-play-calling head coach (that's for you J) has to say about it, you just don't need three QBs. The Colts, Giants, Patriots and Steelers all have one and they're just peachy with it. Oh by the way, those are the teams winning all them there Super Bowls.

Philly went out and drafted a replacement for Donavon McNabb three seasons ago with their top pick (albeit a second rounder), much as the Green Bay Packers went out and drafted Brett Favre's replacement two years prior. 

Well, after three years of cultivating their QB of the future, along with well seasoned questions about Favre's future in Green Bay, the Pack moved on. Is it conceivable that the Eagles could finally do the same with McNabb?

Where could McNabb end up? There are a number of quarterback suitors this season, but let's explore the other QB the Eagles could spare while we're at it. Michael Vick's 76 yard TD on Saturday just may have been the Eagles ticket to cash in. 

What teams out there might have use for Vick? Well, at this point the man is essentially a placeholder for any team developing a young QB. Though as place holders go, you aren't going to find much better. Good ol' "Ron Mexico" is in any light a winner. 71-40 as a starter in the NFL. Quarterback rating aside, inaccuracy aside, lack of ability to lead receivers in stride aside, etc aside, the guy just somehow wins games and can make a poor team competitive. In other words, he can buy a young coach some time. 


So the next part is about the teams that need QBs, which guy the Eagles could offer them and for how much. My list of teams likely after a signal caller goes as follows: 

GROUP A: St. Louis, Washington, Seattle, Buffalo, Denver, Carolina. (These guys all definitely need someone and know it.)

GROUP B: Oakland, Cleveland, San Francisco. (These guys need someone but might not not realize it.)

GROUP C: Jacksonville, Arizona, Minnesota. (These guys just might be in need, or at the very least in want, of someone come this off-season.)

So who would take McNabb and how much could the Eagles get? Let's see, scratch the Redskins off. Ain't happenin'. They're not trading the guy to a division rival. No no. If he wants to play for the 'Skins, Donavon's gonna have to spend a year in somewhere like St. Louis first, then retire, then unretire and come back. (FYI: "unretire" is not a word recognized by spell check. You figure after Jordan and Favre, someone over at Websters would make a note of that.) 

Just about anyone else could end up with McNabb for a second rounder. Though just maybe, a team who find themselves in the hunt for a Super Bowl like Minny (assuming Favre retires) or Arizony (assuming Warner retires) could offer a first rounder. Wouldn't you trade away the 29th pick in the draft for a Super Bowl? 

So basically it looks like the Eagles could get something between the 29th and the 50th pick for McNabb and just keep on rolling with Kolb in at QB and keep Vick for some more vanilla wild cat duds. Yipee! 

Will they do it? I dunno, but they could. It gets tossed around often enough.

More likely though is a trade of Michael Vick, who they'd first have to pick up the option on for a cool five mil. Now of course if any teams show interest in Vick this offseason, then the Eagles would pick that option up so long as they thought they could get something for him, which they probably can. 

I don't think Denver goes after Vick just based on McDaniels' temperament. Same goes for San Fran and Jacksonville.

However somewhere like the Raiders might. They have a propensity toward fixing up guys everyone else has tossed out. Think of Michael Vick as the cool full length mirror you found on the Upper West Side sitting out with the trash that you took back to your shared room in the LES. That's how Al Davis' mind works with these guys. He just keeps adding clutter to something that can't fit anymore clutter. 

The Bills. Now there's a spot! Assuming Terrell Owens stays, wouldn't you love to see that mess? Hell while we're at it, let's stick Mike Martz in as the head coach and just light the match!

Seattle? Hey, they're starting over. Pete Carroll needs a guy who can win him some games while he puts his plan in behind the action. It would be a great idea for a coach who's already on the hot seat before even coaching a game to go ahead and get some wins to guarantee a little staying power. As I stated earlier, Vick just wins. There's no two ways about it. The guy broke Lambeau for Pete's sake! (Pun intended). Imagine what a genius everyone would proclaim Carroll to be if he "recovered", "refurbished", or "resurrected" Michael Vick. Though truth be told, Vick will probably be moderately successful no matter where he goes.

Same as above for St. Louis.

Cleveland even with Vick is going to be nothing but scrutinized all season long for any quarterback decision they make. Such is the nature of the beast out there on Lake Erie. With that in mind, let's toss them out.

Scratch off Washington again. Division opponent... blah blah blah... yada yada yada.

Finally we end on Carolina. Hmmm... a team with two great running backs and a defense that's perennially in the tops of the league. Where have we seen this in Vick's career before? The recipe for success that brought the Falcons to the NFC Championship game in '02 would be right there for the guy in Carolina. Nobody in the NFL next year is going to be on more of a hot seat than John Fox, and sticking with Delhomme just plain isn't the way to go. Fox needs to take a risk and have it come up big or end up working on his namesake network as the twelfth guy behind one of those oh so shiny crescent desks.

So there's my bet. If you were to ask me where I'd like to see Michael Vick next year it's in a Carolina Panther's uniform tossing bullets to Steve Smith and scrambling for his dear life from Atlanta Falcon defenders... twice!


Bottom line, the Eagles have a commodity they ought to cash in on, and it's a sellers market. Either Vick for a third or fourth rounder, or McNabb for a first or second. Gotta do it. Gotta get some other positions looked at. Like O-Line or Linebacker. Gotta do it Eagles.