OAKLAND RAIDERS here is the path to the playoffs

Scott WallaceContributor IJanuary 12, 2010

OAKLAND, CA - JANUARY 03:  Nnamdi Asomugha #21 of the Oakland Raiders in action against the Baltimore Ravens during an NFL game at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on January 3, 2010 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
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I would like to start off by saying thanks for the input for part 1. I like to get a feel what everyone is thinking so here is what I'm thinking.


I would like to see the Raiders keep Cable for next year. The Raiders should find him a OC to game plan and run the offense. This way cable could work with the line more and keep the players fired up. (think Rex Ryan from the Jets) It would also be nice to see Tim Brown come in and work with our young wideouts. In the offseason, in camp, or even as a wideout coach. who would know what it takes to be a Raider them him.


I dont see Russell going anywhere right now AL love's this guy plus all the money that is tied up in him so we should move on from this.

Sign Seymour nothing more to say about him

Then comes the hard part the Raiders are going to need to look at there Linebackers. I think Scott will be solid next year. so lets move on to the other two Howard and Morrison. I really don't think the Raiders should sign both back.

 Howard should  not sign back. As for Morrison the Raiders should sign him back, but he needs to be moved to the outside where he could be better used. They need more of a leader in the middle. And Morrison isn't it. As bad as we would like the home town guy to be.

As for the rest of the players the need to be resigned lets just keep with the main one's

Free agency:

This is where The Raiders Really build this team. As a whole we have a lot of young players at some very key spots. 

Alot of you wanted the Raiders to sign a DT in the first or 2nd round. The Raiders could go that route but. When it come's to the top DT in the Draft they seem to come into the NFL as these unstopable force's. Then they get into the NFL and where they were So much stronger then the linemen they were playing in college. They are lacking in the tech department, so you don't get the player you drafted till 2nd or 3rd year.

So the Raiders need to sign a vet DT Vince Wilfork of the Patriots, Casey Hampton Steelers, or Ryan Pickett of the Packers could hit the market at the top end. Or the Raides could go after Tank Johnson from the Bengels. This would give somebody to play next to Kelly as Bryant grows some.

Then the Raiders should look at picking up a CB someone who will go in to camp trying to bump Johnson down to the thrid on the depth chart.

PLEASE fire Green let him get water, something just DO NOT LET HIM START AT THE RT SPOT. The Raiders need to pick up a soild RT nothing great just someone who is solid. Nice footwork, Doesn't get flaged all the time. Start if needed but would make a great back-up.

Also look at some Guards same thing Nice but nothing GREAT. We will take care of this in the draft.

If Larry Foote hits the market this would be a nice pick up for the RaiderNOthing long just a 1-2 year deal. This would help out stopping the run, plus a player from a winning team. Need to get him at the cheap end.


1RD: Rolando McClain 6-4 256. He could turn into a great leader for this team. May start off slow as a ILB in a 4-3 but will grow into it. Is only 20. Vocal leader, Thick frame, long arms for getting off of blocks. Very good pass rush.

Don't need to draft a T at this spot due to the fact we have Henderson ( he only has 1 year at that spot) so go with ILB.

2ND RD: This is where the  go with the T this way the Raiders don't pay a arm and a leg. If they beat out Henderson they get left side Henderson moves to right.

Trent williams Oklahoma 6-5 315 ,  jason Fox From Miami 6-6 310, Kyle Calloway Iowa more of a Round 3 guy but this is the Raiders. 6-7 315 pulled over for a DUI. We were all young at one time.

3 RD: This is where we get a DT Marvin Austin 6-3 305. Going to run a 4.8? Needs to be fired up this is where Seymour, and Foote comes in with Kelly

3 RD 2nd pick: Sergio Render 6-4 324 pound Guard from Virgina Tech. He benches over 425 pounds. This guy can really push the a D-Line.

As for the 4th, 5th , and 7th round picks they havenn't came out yet. But with would really give the Raiders a solid draft. 

The Raiders don't need to pick up a QB this draft. if the O-line can't hold up it doesn't matter who the QB is. This draft will take care of both lines. Then next year's draft we can draft the QB. I we will find him in the 2nd round ( no round 1 pick).

So what do you think will this get the RAIDERS going to where they need to go. The PLAYOFFS.


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